Jaclyn Morris

Hi! I'm Jaclyn. I'm a Lubbock native and have two teenagers - one is a "baby-adult" at 18 and the other is a "wanna-be" adult at 16. I have a wonderful husband of 10 years who stepped onto a speeding bullet train going 800 mph and has been everything and more than I could ask for. I've been working at Texas Tech for over 20 years in IT in a job that would make most people's eyes glaze over, but I love it! I can usually be found obsessing over some insanely small detail or worrying about something that will probably never happen.

Is It A Destination or A Journey?

Which do you prefer - destinations or journeys? I’m not talking about life philosophy or anything profound. I’m talking about vacations, and I legit want to know which you like - destination vacations or journey...

Unconditional Love and Support

I love my kids unconditionally. I think most parents will say the same thing. What I struggle with is supporting them unconditionally. When boy-child graduated pre-school, and his “When I grow up I want to...

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It is a great time to have a refresher on those essential things that will keep you and your private information safe online. Here are five ways you can...

Five Things My Leftie Wishes People Knew

Girl-child is naturally left-handed. They kept telling us that you can't determine which hand the baby will use until they are older and start writing. We knew. She always liked things in her left...