Daisy Gutierrez

Hey there ya'll ! I am a mom to two wonderful boys..three if you count their dad haha! I am from west Texas born and raised. I have worked in the medical field since I graduated high school. I love taking care of people. I enjoy creating connections with my patients. I own a small business "Slice of Art" I love to paint and do custom work. I also enjoy makeup even though I do not wear it everyday due to my kids taking up my time so I will rather sleep in than get some makeup on my face haha! I am also a book nerd. I love to read fictional vampire love stories. I love to write as well. I am hoping to share that with you all who are reading this and follow us! I am excited to share my knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired over these 24 years. So buckle up ya'll because I'm coming in HOT!!!

5 Signs of a Toxic Mother

1. They criticize you I remember my mom always having something to say about what I did and how I did it. She would single me out from my siblings as well. I have an...