Meagan Smith

Meagan and her husband Jeff (married almost 13 years! teenagers!) are both from Lubbock, transplanted to Oklahoma City for several years, and are now back home raising 4 awesome kiddos. A former high school and middle school English teacher, she now spends most of her days wrangling their schedules and activities. She works part-time with Dawson Forensic Group, a company that helps organizations prevent and detect internal fraud. She and Jeff love raising their family, but can talk for days about just about anything; movies, board games, music, cooking, strength training, etc. You can listen to their random thoughts on everything and nothing on their podcast “Schtickless” or corresponding Instagram account.

Summer Body Shift

I'm not worried about what to wear. I'm not worried about how to disguise or hide my body. I'm confident about wearing shorts in public. I'm excited to shop for and wear a swimsuit this summer. I've seen...

Five Friday Favorites: Children’s Authors!

Happy Friday, friends! Books to buy, books to check out, or books to gift. Here are our favorites to share. While we have a great love for the classics (Goodnight Moon still has a Pavlovian...

Five Friday Favorites: April 16th Edition

Happy Friday, friends! I get to bring you five of my favorite things this week! If you know me, you know it really doesn’t take much to make me excited. I love talking, and I...

Decorate with Dinosaurs

We recently moved into a new home, so let’s talk about home design. I’m not great at it. “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” --Giorgio Armani Exceptional. I...

Financial CSIs: Dawson Forensic Group

Dawson Forensic Group. Financial Forensic Investigation. Almost no one knows what we do just from that information. I mean, sounds cool, right? People jump on the word "forensic" and immediately think of gritty crime drama...

Fall 2020: Back to School in West Texas – COVID Reopening Plans

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."--John Dewey As you prepare yourself and your family for the coming school year, we encourage confidence in your choices, patience with the process, and reassurance...

Baking with Babies

So, I don't really mean babies. I mean baking with kids. My English teacher heart just loves alliteration. My baking-age kids right now are 3, 5, and 7. And, ironically, we usually bake when...