LMB at the Lubbock Uncorked Wine Event!


The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce’s Uncorked wine event is the perfect girls’ day and/or date night. We know because we did both! A preface to this may sound strange to some, but prior to this event, we had never met each other. WHAT!!? Lubbock Moms Blog gave us the opportunity to go together and we gladly took it.

We are moms to many (Alana, 4 and Robin, 2) and we love wine. So it seemed like the perfect pairing. Getting to meet a new friend that lives 3 miles from you was just the grape to our wine! See what we did there? 😉 The entire experience was fanciful. We met in the late afternoon, spent a few hours sipping on wine and getting to interact with local wine producers that were all eager to share their latest creations. Later that evening, Robin’s husband met us and joined in on the fun.

As you know with any wine tasting, if the wine is good, the food needs to be even better to keep you in balance. United Market Street shined, as always, with their charcuterie table full of assorted cheeses, steak bites, fruit, and a variety of chocolate brownies – yum! You could have made this a meal, but then you’d be missing out on the tasty food trucks that sat outside which were equally delicious (but not free with your admission ticket). Robin had shrimp tacos from Aspen Creek and her husband and Alana went with the brisket tacos from Farm to Fork’s food truck. None of us went wrong with our choices, as all were mouth-watering treats.

Burklee Hill Vineyards took home the first place prize “People’s Choice Award” which wasn’t a surprise as there was always a crowd at their booth. Two other personal favorites of ours were Sandfighter Wines that served a delicious Cabernet and Farmhouse Vineyards whose red blend was simply fantastic. Fun fact on the owners of Farmhouse Vineyards: it turns out that we all live in the same suburb outside of Lubbock. I see us all getting to taste this one again sooner rather than later!

The event is definitely already written down in our calendars to attend next year and you should do the same (April 18, 2020)! It was excellent, to say the least.  Prior to Uncorked, we had no idea about the amount of wine we had in our backyard. Did you know there are DOZENS of wineries in the Hub City area? It was so fun to see images at the booths of all of the meticulous ways these local wineries have honed their craft. The sights of some of these will blow you away faster than a West Texas haboob!  We cannot wait to meet up again to visit the tasting rooms for some of these incredible wineries.

Tips for next year: if you find a wine you like, you can get a whole glass with more tickets instead of a “one-ounce taste,” and best of all, you can buy more tickets so you can enjoy all the tasting you want! Talk your significant other into going… if they’re not a wine person there is also a beer that you can turn your tickets in for as well. All in all, we highly recommend the event and think it’s very much worth the $30 ticket price. Don’t forget to drink and drive responsibly. Uber or a comparative choice was used by many attendees.  

To see more details about the 2019 event and learn more about attending the 2020 event see: