Meet Kayli Durham!


Hey! My name is Kayli Durham. I am a wife, mother to two toddlers, a Lubbock native, and a home remodeling loving girl! I am a collegiate cheer coach at Lubbock Christian University, run my own freelance marketing business from home and am Lead Influencer for the company US Citrus. For the last 5 years, our family has moved all over the United States. With those moves, came house after house and that’s where my obsession with home remodeling started. “How could I make this charming old house mine?” became my mantra. With that being said, we just started our third and biggest house remodel yet. (Stay tuned on the blog for more stories on that!)

“Why Lubbock,” you ask? The better question is, “why not?” I have grown up here and there is absolutely no place better! We have lived in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Amarillo and you just can’t beat good ole Lubbock, Texas. We couldn’t wait to come back home after being away. No matter where life takes you, never forget your roots. In my opinion, it’s also the best place to raise a family. Lubbock still has a small town feel but is constantly growing and getting better. One of my favorite things to see is downtown Lubbock. Many of the old roads are still lined with red brick and give the area a unique feel that showcases the city’s history and I love seeing that.

While there are many things I love about Lubbock, including the wonderful people, I would prefer to see more local small businesses. I always choose to support hometown establishments over big city chains. We have many more options now but I’d love even more! What I can bring back to our community and encourage others to do so as well is always important to me!

Check back soon to see how our family remodel is coming along!


  1. What a great blog Kayli !!!! I can’t wait to read more. I will let Josh know about this, he will love it.

    You have a great family and we are blessed to know you all.

    Looking forward to much more, Pam

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