Meet Kelly Williams!


Hey there mama!  

My name is Kelly Williams. I am the wife to my soul mate and best friend, a mother to two wild toddlers, a Texas Tech graduate, and a serial entrepreneur. I run a bookkeeping business from home, I do freelance writing in my spare time, and I manage a blog where my focus is to teach women how to embrace having big dreams while showing up as the best version of themselves in their roles at home. I am also a fitness coach and have recently begun the journey of making physical activity a priority in my everyday life again. At the same time, I am helping women get fit and drastically improve their own lives! The things women are capable of when we have a motivating, encouraging and tough love community of cheerleaders behind them is incredible.

The community in this West Texas town is incredible to be a part of and I feel blessed to be raising my family here. I came to Lubbock at 17, after graduating Midland Lee High School a year early. I was eager for an adventure. I have loved Lubbock since my first day here and it has always felt like home. I began my college education at South Plains College, before transferring to Texas Tech University, where I graduated cum laude in the spring of 2013. During my college years, I met so many wonderful people along the way, most of which I still have in my life in one way or another.

My favorite thing about this city is the fall season. I was raised with brothers and a ton of uncles so naturally, I am a huge football fan. I am an avid Texas Tech football fan, and tailgating is still my jam, years after graduating! I also love that Lubbock has a small-town vibe, without the big-time boredom. This city is always expanding and creating new adventures for its residents. Date nights are never dull here! Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about Lubbock. This city is so diverse and exciting, school systems are great, people are wonderful, and the people in charge make sure the parks and roads are taken care of. The cost of living is extremely reasonable compared to other West Texas towns. I guess if I had to suggest anything, I would want the Texas Tech AT&T Jones stadium to sell me a beer!

I am so unbelievably honored to have been selected to be a part of Lubbock Moms Blog. It is funny how sometimes the exact thing that we have been longing for, finds its way into our life at the exact time we needed it most. The opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking community of women has been such a blessing for me. I know that, as a team, we will create a community of West Texas women that encourage each other and we will become the go-to place for mamas to run to when they need advice, direction, support or just a friend to lean on.