Confessions of a Virtual Learning Mom


I have two kids, a third-grader and a Kindergartener, and we have been enrolled at our public school’s virtual learning program since the beginning of school.

How am I doing virtual learning with two kids in different grades? Here are my confessions:

  • I used to teach, and I am winging this.
  • We sleep in! If no one has an early meeting, there is no rush in the mornings. We generally start school at around 10 am.
  • We do school in our pajamas.
  • We do not take daily showers.
  • We have long lunches.
  • Now and then, we will do some of the next day’s work, so we don’t have a lot to do on Fridays.
  • I check my third grader’s work to make sure that everything is turned in, but I miss things at times.
  • Sometimes we research things further because we are so interested.
  • We have days where we are not feeling school. We might start later on those days or do the bare minimum. 
  • We usually finish school at around 3 pm or 4 pm.
  • I don’t bug the kids after school about chores or reading or whatever. We all need a break and time to veg out.
  • Last week we took a field trip and looked at art, walked in the fresh air, and had a blast together all morning and afternoon. 
  • Our favorite treat is drinks and popcorn from The Soda Shack.
  • Sometimes we have to be in separate rooms to get anything done. 
  • My Kindergartener is in the early stages of putting sounds together to form words and start reading. How incredible it is to watch. 

Are you a virtual learning family? What are your confessions?