Five Friday Favorites: Birthday Party Edition


Birthdays are always fun, but let’s be honest, they are usually only fun for the birthday boy/girl. As moms, we take care of the details, planning, party favors, and guest list. Meanwhile, we barely get to take pictures and miss out on most of the “fun” at the party. I’m here to tell you about the FIVE best places for a kiddo under five.

1. 4ore Golf


If we are sincere, the first birthday isn’t about the kiddo but the grown-ups. Since this is almost always true, a venue that allows fun for the adults and even some adult beverages is where we chose to have Emerson’s first birthday. 4ore Golf was fun for everyone that attended. Rent a party room, have cake open presents, and let the adults play. It’s the best option for everyone involved!

Family Fun, Golf, Party Venue, Restaurant & Bar | 4ORE Golf

2. Blazing Bouncers


Blazing Bouncers is becoming a staple for Lubbock’s birthday parties and has excellent options for littles to older kiddos. We chose to rent a private “backyard” area since kiddos attending this party would be younger and could have their own space to play. Emerson loved going down the slide, and they even let us bring a pinata! With easy access to a fridge and the ability to bring in your own food, Blazing Bouncers was a great option. Did I mention that the guest list isn’t limited? One price, all the people!

Blazing Bouncers – Birthday Parties, Open Play Jump

3. Science Spectrum


Who doesn’t love our beloved Science Spectrum? For Emmy’s 3rd birthday, we decided to book a party room. We loved the activities they did with the kiddos and enjoyed being able to explore the museum after the party for the rest of the day! Once the party is over, guests can stay in the museum ALL day if they choose… endless activities and a fair price! It was a party for the books.


4. Holly Hops Ice Cream Shoppe


This hidden gem is a GREAT option for birthday parties. Like other places, they have birthday packages, but I loved that they let us rent the room (for $25 an hour) and have our own party ideas. All Emmy wanted was Ice Cream and Musical chairs, so that’s what we did! Every kiddo got a scoop of ice cream, and I had a running tab at the counter. We had cupcakes, played musical chairs and opened presents. Then it was time to send everyone home sugar-filled and happy! This was the most affordable party we have had!

Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe | Facebook

5. Premiere Cinemas

Movies are always fun! Did you know that you can rent a movie theater for you and 20 guests?! This is an excellent option if your kiddo’s birthday is always around new release time. Premiere allows you to rent the theater, with a current showing film. Did I mention that the price includes free popcorn for every drink purchase??? While we haven’t gotten to use this option for our little, I rented a theater with a group of friends, and it was THE BEST!

Premiere Cinemas (

Now that I’ve shared my favorites, happy party planning!