Five Friday Favorites – Thanksgiving Edition


My favorite time of year is upon us, FINALLY! November is probably my favorite month, and Thanksgiving is at the top of my “favorite holidays” list. Growing up, it was one of our biggest celebrations of the year. I have so many beautiful memories, and I am so thankful for that. With only two weeks to go, I want to share 5 of my favorite things about the holiday.


1. Thanksgiving Break

By the time August rolls around, I CANNOT wait for school to start so that we can get back into a routine and mama can enjoy a little downtime. But by November we are ALL in need of a break from our routine. Thanksgiving break always seems to be timed just perfectly. We all enjoy setting no alarms, staying in our jammies all day, hot chocolate for breakfast. As a child, Thanksgiving break held such special moments, and now as a mom, I strive each year to make my kids’ Thanksgiving holidays just as special.


2. Family Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is so easy to take family time for granted. It’s easier to all eat dinner when it’s convenient vs. sitting at a table together. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to set the busyness of life on the sideline and be in the moment with your family. Soak each other in. Reminisce on memories. Tell jokes or corny stories. Simply enjoy each other, and the time you have together. 


3. My Grandmother’s Stuffing

Seriously, Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without this exact recipe right here. I am 34 years old and I have had this same stuffing every Thanksgiving of my life. I’ve had other recipes, and sure, they are good. But THIS ONE. It is the one thing I look most forward to each year when thinking about my Thanksgiving meal. And what makes it even more special the past couple of years is that this is handwritten by her. She passed away in September of 2019, but my mom has made sure to carry on this recipe the past 2 years! 


4. Black Friday Shopping (online)

I’m all about a good deal. I don’t like to stand in lines and fight crowds and such, but Black Friday shopping online?! Heck yeah! 9 times out of 10, I knock all of my Christmas shopping out between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Add to cart, check out, and DONE. And the money I save is unheard of! Thank God for technology and good internet service.


5. Decorating for Christmas

Growing up, the weekend after Thanksgiving was set aside for Christmas decorating. My mom and I would drag the tree out, wrap it with lights, carefully place the ornaments, hang the stockings. Now that I am a mom, it is something that I enjoy doing with my own kids. Watching their faces light up brings so much joy to my heart. Even if I do have to redecorate the tree once they go to bed, it is all worth it to see the excitement in their eyes. 

Thanksgiving is the start of the most magical time of year. I try always to take a few moments on Thanksgiving Day to reflect the true reason for this season. To show my thanks for the life and blessings I have been dealt. To prepare my heart for the gifts still to come. I pray that I can teach my children to truly embrace the meaning of Thanksgiving each year as we head into the Christmas season. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours!

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