Friday Five Favorites: The QUIT Edition


Typically, these features are full of things we’ve ADDED to our week to make it better or more manageable. Today, we’re taking a different approach and talking about five things you can GET RID OF this week to improve your “mom life.”

Here are five things that I’ve decided to dump, and it’s working!


Competing with other moms. 

I’m good.  You’re good.  Neither one of us is perfect. I’m doing the best I can. 

Making the perfect school lunch.  

I ask the children to add to my grocery list.  I put those things in their lunches.  There ya go.

A Clean House.

Listen, it just ain’t happening.  Come by ANYTIME you like.  I love YOU, but my house might be a hot mess at any given moment.  

Dinner Plans.

“Hello, United, where is your “pop it in the oven and serve” section… you are my new bestie.

Proof-reading Texts.  

I will send you 1,000 incorrect texts.  Siri and I are not N’Sync.  Pro-tip, read my texts aloud; they are more likely to sound coherent.  It looked good before Siri ‘auto-corrected.’ Why does she assume I want to use the word beat instead of best so often?  It’s just weird.


Hey, Mama, what can you give up this week to improve your mental health and even give you some time back?