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Diary of a Chronically Ill Mom: Dear Husband

Dear Diary, It has now been over four months since I received a diagnosis for my newest chronic illness. It has now been over eight...

Want Ad: Wife, Mom, and Teacher Seeks Friend

I've seen the posts on Facebook in the various mom's groups—someone looking for a friend—women reaching out to find a person with like interests,...

Pursuing the One Who Drives Me Crazy

I'm learning the art of pursuing my husband and continually winning over the man I've been married to for nearly fifteen years. I am...

A Dose of Honesty

I am failing. I am a failure! I am not smart enough, disciplined enough, or anything else. I'm barely able to do this while...

Cooking with Krystal

My experience with cooking isn't as southern as I'd like. I can remember making the basics like "candy," homemade biscuits (or so I thought...