Krystal Granzow

Introduced as Krystal "with a K" by her son, she's a mom of two and wife to the man who probably works on every elevator ridden in the Hub City. This "retired" educator continues to advocate for ALL kids believing that ALL kids can (and will) learn. She's a published author, Texas native, Jesus loving, financial coachin' ("Dave" Ramsey Preferred), lifetime learning, podcast preachin', work-at-home mom who loves this Lubbock community. You can find her on Instagram @KrystalGranzow, on her website www.KrystalGranzow.com, or co-hosting and producing @MomsintheHubPodcast (streaming wherever you get your podcasts). Favorite Restaurant: Orlando's Favorite Landmark: Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise Favorite Lubbock Tradition: Hub City BBQ Cook-off

What To Do When Your 2 Year Old Holds a Grudge

What to do when your two year old already holds a grudge? The short answer is, I don't know. Sister and I love to snuggle and watch cooking shows. Technically, it starts as something Cinderella or...

The Magic 3 Words

What three words would you want to leave to your children? This past summer, I was chatting parenting skills with a cousin of mine. She mentioned how each morning, they do words of affirmation. It's...

The Mom Battle: Work Mom Vs. SAHM

I have many different mom friends, moms who work, moms who stay home, and moms who work while staying home. Some moms wish they were at work instead of being home with the kids (or...

The Most Wonderful Time of Year – Girl Scout Cookies

It's the most wonderful time of year! That's right, Girl Scout cookie time. I've never been a Girl Scout myself, and I'm sure they're an incredible organization that does outstanding work in the lives...

The Good, The Bad, The New Year

Memories are a precious gem. I can remember almost everything. Growing up, my mother would claim I had selective memory, and to an extent, there's truth in that. #teenagers  I can remember meeting my husband...

My Son is like Buddy the Elf

If you're like me, Elf is on your top 3 must-watch Christmas movie list. We start watching with Christmas in July than give it a rest in January. Have you ever watched the movie...

Tales from an English Teacher

"Whoever CHOOSES to be an English teacher is an idiot." Those were my exact words to my sophomore English teacher. Of course, not to her face because my adolescent self was much more respectful than...

Boundaries, Books, and Bills

Boundaries. There are plenty of people out there who cringe at the word, myself included. It has been suggested that I read the book "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend for six years. I've neglected to pick up...

A Stay-at-Home-Mom MUST

Your day is busy, right? You're cleaning, playing with the children, and making so many different lunch and dinners that it just leads to more cleaning. Stay at home mom life is hard. It's hard...

Working Mom Woes

Have you ever been so scared of change that you just choose not to do anything about it? That was me when it came down to having kids and a career.   I was made to...