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Why We are a “Football Family”

When I was growing up, we traveled all around the world while my dad served in the Air Force. We didn't do traditional activities around American sports, and we certainly didn't get to witness...

Back to School Tips with Dr. Arrington Madison

There are only about 2 million things we all have to do in August before those precious sweetie pies vacate their dungeon-y rooms covered in Cheeto dust and head back to the bright and...

Lubbock Moms Holiday Glo-Up with Glo and Spa-rkle MedSpa

The first week of December, Lubbock Moms hosted a Mom's Night Out Exclusive Glo-Up event at Glo & Spa-rkle Aesthetics and MedSpa located at 10607 Quaker Ave Suite 103. Glo & Spa-rkle is Lubbock's newest...

Lubbock Moms (and Dads!) Guide to Best Local Salsas

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop salsa guide for the BEST locally-made salsas, look no more! Below, one of our very own #LubbockDads sampled and put the most recommended and home-grown salsas to...

My Surprise Pregnancy (Loss) by Abby Reed

I don’t like surprises.  I never really have.  I’m also not someone you would call “spontaneous.”  I don’t do spur-of-the-moment plans, and I always prefer an agenda.  So when I found out a few...

Date Your Friends

  For the last few years, we have been inundated with tips on how to "Date Your Spouse." That's great, and all, but Momma needs time with other Mommas.  There is just something special about spending...

Learn More About Harmony Science Academy

Parents today struggle with making the right decision when it comes to their child’s education. Homes are purchased in an area known for its school system instead of the quality of design or acreage....

2021 Open Call for New Contributors

Lubbock Moms Open Call for Writers Applications open July 19 and close at 10:00 pm on July 31. Interested in being a part of our Events Team? Keep your eye out for that application to...

Go Away Summer Pests!

There was a time, back in college, when a spider was legitimately crawling on my face, and I woke up screaming. So, I happen to believe that old myth that we eat them in our...

Kona Ice of South Lubbock: The Perfect Summer Party

This is a sponsored post brought to you by our partners at Kona Ice of South Lubbock, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. Summer party season and hot weather are here, and Lubbock...