How to Combat Morning Sickness


As most mamas can tell you, morning sickness is NOT FUN! I, unfortunately, like a lot of women out there, had it BAD. There are so many misconceptions about pregnancy, one of the biggest being “morning sickness.”

First, “morning sickness” is not just in the morning; it is morning, day, night, and all the time in between, for me, at least. Pretty much anything seemed to set off that pesky morning sickness. I mean, I once woke up to get ready for work, brushed my teeth with the SAME toothpaste I had used for like three years, and for some reason that morning, it just made me so sick. From then on, pregnant or not, I just can’t use that toothpaste!

Another big one for me was that morning sickness only lasts through the first trimester. Again, for me, that was totally not the case, not even close. For all of my pregnancies, my sickness lasted well into the second trimester, sometimes still popping up for a visit throughout the third trimester too. My doctors did try several things, but nothing seemed to work, so I was kind of on my own. So for all of you mamas going through the same thing, here are my tips for how to combat morning sickness!

Tip 1: Only eat light or small meals

When I was finally able to eat again, I just felt like I was absolutely starving all of the time. At first, I just ate and ate to try and combat the hunger, but as I am sure you can guess, I usually ended up puking my guts up. I found that eating several smaller meals allowed me to keep most of them down. I tried not to eat anything too heavy, but if I did, I just had to make sure to eat a little at a time or just a smaller portion, enough to satisfy the craving.

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated

One of my biggest obstacles was staying hydrated. If you have been pregnant, you know that dehydration can cause a lot of problems for you. Dehydration can lead to cramps, contractions, and even nausea! I personally couldn’t stomach a ton of water without it making me sick, so I would drink as much as I could, but I typically added a flavor pack of some sort or a little Gatorade mix to help.

Tip 3: Fresh Air

Though it sounds simple, I always found that some good ol’ fresh air and sunshine did wonders for my sickness. I was exhausted 99% of the time, so the last thing I wanted to do was get outside, but it works! I’m not sure if it was just the smells indoors that you get used to or inhaling that fresh air that is something different, but whatever it is always helped me. When you start to feel that nausea roll around, try taking a walk outside or just sitting on the porch!

Tip 4: Pay Attention

While morning sickness does just flare up randomly at times, mostly it will be the same things that make you sick. Pay attention to when you do get sick (I know, it’s hard) and figure out if it is the same thing making you sick so that you can steer clear! It may be food, or it may be an item! My mom loves to tell me how, when she was pregnant with me, she couldn’t stand blueberry muffins. Ironically, they are my absolute favorite!

Tip 5: Always carry gum

I always, always, always carried a pack of gum with me. If I smelled something that made me nauseated or could feel it coming on, I would just pop a piece of gum in my mouth. The sudden change of smell and taste could usually curb my sickness.
Bonus: If you do get sick, you have gum to hide that vomit breath!

Tip 6: Don’t get overheated

This was a big one for me, especially when I was pregnant during those hot summer months! If you are going to be out in the heat or just get hot flashes, bring a fan with you! My mom actually found one for me that folded up, and I could carry in my purse, so it was amazing!

Tip 7: Never have an empty stomach

While I did mainly eat small or light meals, as I mentioned above, I also made sure to never have an empty stomach. If I went too long without eating, even if it was the last thing I wanted to do sometimes, I knew I was sure to be sick. To prevent this, I always carried a granola bar or would maybe even snag some of my kid’s goldfish if I needed a snack!


While everyone is different, and I am absolutely not a doctor, I hope at least one of these things helps you! Be sure to always consult your doctor and reach out to them for any guidance you may need.

Do you have something that worked for you? Be sure to share it below!