The Thick of It


A few weeks ago, on the elevator at work, a lady saw a picture of my baby and asked how old she was. When I replied, “almost four months,” the look on her face shocked me. Her response was, “welcome to the thick of it.”

I didn’t understand this reaction, but I tend to take everything with a grain of salt these days. Like I always say, everyone has an opinion. When she reached four months, I understood what was meant by this. 

Everyone warns you about the challenging phases—newborn, terrible twos, teenage angst, but never about the little milestones.

Four months have been a tough adjustment. It seems like everything happens at once. Sleep regression, teething, postpartum hair loss, milk supply dropping, and the hustle and bustle that goes along with everyday life. During the newborn phase, I was at least able to get rest during the day. Now that I’m back to work, those long nights drain the life out of me. 

I find it hardest to stay connected to those around me during this time.

Particularly my husband. At home date nights suddenly take a turn south with all night screaming and hiding in the other room. Family time is spent taking any second to relax for yourself. Time at work is juggling the tasks you need to complete while chugging multiple cups of coffee a day. Sometimes it feels like the coffee is the only answer! 

Meanwhile, I will enjoy these precious moments.

She will never be this little or need me like this again. I will discover new ways to find rest and connect to those around me. I will adjust to my ever-changing body. I will learn to love my husband and my baby in new ways. I have to learn to enjoy the thick of it and cherish every moment.