Tis the Season


Coming off of maternity leave with my second daughter, I’ve been very mindful of the seasons of life. I’ve had so many people ask me how my second baby differed from the first, and to be honest, having a newborn has been so much more enjoyable the second time around for me.

I credit the ability to enjoy this phase more to my firstborn, Lynlee, who has shown me that time is a thief. A thief because she is growing up too quickly and now I can only long for the nights that I used to wish away not realizing just how quickly they would be gone. Knowing how fast this season will pass has made me very intentional in soaking in all moments — the exhausting moments, the fun moments, the disgusting moments, literally all the moments. And I’ve been able to do that because I realize it’s a season, not forever. A spit-filled, no sleep, always tired, but yet, a beautiful season of life. 

In this season I realize I drink way too much caffeine, eat sweets when I should be eating Kale, always skip the walks/workouts I think about (because if we are being honest, thinking about them is as far as I ever get!) and I’m constantly beating myself up for having a harder time losing my baby weight. Can I share a secret that has caused a paradigm shift for me and what has made me completely okay with that? It’s actually super easy. It’s all in my language and how I speak about my situations (Stephen Covey taught me this through “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”). If I flip the above statement, it’s one I can be proud of: I have found a new love for coffee that gives me the energy I need to do all the things my day holds. After having a second baby, I love sweets! I am probably eating too many, but I’m also nursing my daughter, which allows me a few extra calories through the day. One of these days I will find the gym again! Until then, I’m proud of my body and the fact that it birthed two baby girls in less two years.

Ta-da! Over the top? Maybe, but did you see the difference? Try it and you’ll actually amaze yourself!  Language is powerful. Your thoughts and words can really tear you down or build you up. What are you going to give them the power to do? 

So here’s to the tired, yet joyful eyes, tight jeans that will one day fit again, a more “natural” look courtesy of the crazy that every morning brings, and a house full of clutter and toys where our memories are being made.

Here’s to making whatever season of life you are in, the best one yet! Tis the season!