Transition to Two


Two months ago I transitioned to a mom of two, under two. And can I be honest for a minute? I thought I was a hot mess before this. I’m always late. And when I finally get somewhere, I just feel awkward. Like is there lipstick on my teeth (it’s happened more than I can count)? Can anyone tell that my shirt has spit up on it, or that I pulled my jeans out of the laundry hamper, again? This. This was me with one kid. Just one. So naturally, with two, the mess got real.

And, while we are being honest, my almost two-year-old has joined me on the crazy train. She is so much fun! She is sassy, and sweet, and so smart; but the girl, my precious girl, is all of these things in less than 2 minutes. She’s laughing, then crying, then hugging me and running from me all in literally the same moment. Y’all get me don’t you? Welcome to the terrible twos they say, which actually now I hear is better than age three! So my husband and I are really in for it. But you know what? The truth is, I love it. I love all of it. I’m the cheesy mom who loves everything my girls do. And you know what else? When I was preparing for the arrival of Ellie Kate, I never thought I could love Lynlee any more than I did, but I absolutely do. It’s like my heart grew a gazillion times bigger and I have more love in my life than I ever knew was possible.

Since I’ve started blogging — you know two blog posts ago — I realize I’m kind of a self-help enthusiast, who knew?! It turns out I can’t just tell a story without giving some advice, and I can’t share something negative without flipping it to a positive, so roll your eyes if you please and forgive me because I guess it’s ingrained in me to be a glass half full kind of gal…

Now that we’ve established that, I’d like to share a little about the transition that my family has experienced and a few ways in which I coped with being a momma to two.

  • Mommas, hear me out: I was so excited to have another baby, but I mourned: In all of my excitement (and I was thrilled!) to welcome another beautiful baby girl to the family, I also felt so much sadness. A lot of sadness because I loved what we had with Lynlee. Being a family of three was so fun! We had the ability to pretty well continue anything and everything we had been doing. We traveled everywhere with her, she joined me for almost all of my community service ventures, and she was my shopping buddy. I mourned what I thought meant that was all over, but I’m slowly learning it just looks different.
  • I planned time with my firstborn: I made a conscious effort to do something with only Lynlee two or three days a week (bake cookies, get Play-Doh out – nothing fancy, just something). This may sound silly to you, but for this type A personality, it helped a lot! I also made an effort to be the one getting Lynlee out of bed every day, even on the days I had extra help around. 
  • Market Street and Wal-Mart grocery pick up is a lifesaver: Seriously, this is the best thing ever. When I’m on my “A” game, it is the only way I want to shop. It does take planning because you can’t aimlessly wander the aisle of the store and get ideas for dinner, but it also doesn’t require you to even get out of your vehicle, which is truly wonderful. Now Target also has a drive-up service which I actually swore I’d never use because walking the aisle of Target is the one hobby I still have, but I’m guilty of using it, and loving it, too.
  • I let my oldest help: yes, even at 20 months old, my firstborn has been my best helper. She takes (almost) all of Ellie Kate’s dirty diapers to the trash can, she hands me (way too many) wipes when I need them and is always giving little sister her paci – like literally always, it doesn’t matter if sister is nursing, screaming, or smiling, Lynlee is trying to shove the paci in her mouth.
  • I accept help, and meals, and visits: Thank God for family and friends who support you in these special moments of life; who want to spoil you and bring you dinner – what a blessing! So with a grateful heart, take the extra love, and remember to be a friend and make time to do the same when others experience a new life change.

Life sure does look a whole lot different! And in all transparency, I still haven’t ventured out very much with the two of them alone. I’ve been able to blame it on cold and flu season, but the reality is I’m a little scared to do so. When that day comes, I’ll be sure to share the wins, the lessons, and the tears there too.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t love being on this crazy train, the “Hot Mess Express!” I’m the conductor and it’s a wild, fun, exhausting ride. Leave some love, advice, and experiences below — my favorite thing about Lubbock Moms Blog is how we can all learn from each other.