An Open Letter to My Husband for Father’s Day


Hi Joe, my husband of 22 years. Wow, married 22, together 24. You and I have defied the odds, beat the average and conquered the world. This letter is intended to inform my audience of the man, father, adopted dad, friend, son and husband you are.

In 1995 you persuaded me to go on a date. Two years later on April 13th our son, Daniel was born. I was 18 and you were 19. We did things a little backward, got married on June 13th with Daniel sitting in my sister’s arms. Remember how it took Daniel until he was at least 18 to figure out the order of events? Three and half years later Zane was born on October 6th, 2000. We decided two children was all we would have so our family at the time was complete. Good thing too, a hysterectomy was in my stars.

You have been an amazing hands-on father for the last 22 years. I had two C-sections so I needed extra help with each kiddo. I never had to ask. Thank you for being the dad to my babies that many moms only dream about. You work so hard in the oilfield, which takes you away from home many nights in a row. You have set quite the example. In Zane’s own words, you were his Batman. How can I compete with that? 

Unfortunately, in our married life we have had our fair share of tragedies. On October 21, 2010, we lost our precious 19-year-old niece Elinda. Cystic Fibrosis took hold of her little body until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was our sun, the color in our flowers. Then it struck again.

How does a father stay so strong? How have you been this rock? There are mornings I just stare at you and wonder how you do it. You lost your son. Your baby boy. How do you do it? Zane was so spoiled. He got away with everything. He did no wrong. How do you keep your head so high? I admire you so much. You have no idea. You are THE strongest person I know. I’m always being told that I am but nope – YOU are. You are the one keeping ME up.

This is your second Father’s Day without your sweet boy.

Then, after all the tragedy, you opened your heart and home up to two beautiful children. You became a dad again. You allowed yourself to love after losing such a huge part of your life. You are giving these two children a life full of new experiences and wonder. It is obvious you love them. We have had so many signs already from Zane that he is ok with you being their dad.

This is your first official Father’s Day with Kai’Dyn and Riot. These children have your last name. YOUR name is on their birth certificate. YOU are their dad. Zane wanted this. Remember how he didn’t want them to go home when they would come over? He knew. 

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being the man that you are. Thank you for giving me Daniel, who gave me Adrianna and our grandson Zeagan. Thank you for giving me Zane, all wonderful 16 years of his precious life. Thank you for taking in Kai’Dyn and Riot and blessing them with your love. Thank you for holding me up and keeping me alive. Thank you.

Every Ounce of My Love,

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West Texas has always been my home, and Lubbock has been my work-home for 23 years as a hairstylist. My husband Joe and I have 4 children, Daniel (24), Zane (Forever 16), KaiDyn (13) and Riot (11). Daniel is married to Adrianna and together they have our wild and crazy 5 year old grandson Zeagan. KaiDyn and Riot, whom are siblings, are adopted and have been with us since January of 2018! Joe and I are actively involved in a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program called #flyhighzane. In 2020 Joe left the oilfield to become self-employed owning a handyman business, Everybody Needs a Joe and Sons. I am here as a mom, a grandmother, a friend, and just someone who has been there. I'm here to talk. Favorite Restaurant: Cancun Favorite Lubbock Landmark: Hell's Gate behind Dunbar Lake (this spot was Zane's favorite) Favorite Tradition: Anything at the National Ranching Heritage Center


  1. Very nice very nice indeed. And he is a great cousin and role model. Can remember him draggin me along on some of his youger exploits. Lov yu bro Happy Poppas day

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