Future For Football: The Acevedo’s are ALL IN

This post is sponsored by Future for Football. We are proud to partner with organizations that invest positively in the lives of children.

Holly joined our team about 5 minutes ago, and I’m betting Colten had no idea that meant he’d also be contributing to Lubbock Moms’ content. As we sourced information from our team to build resources about getting involved in a local youth league in partnership with Future for Football, this dedicated family came to mind immediately.

You have not met a “football family” until you’ve heard their story. They have three boys that play various forms and one daughter that cheers for those same teams on the sidelines. And, even more, Colten coaches, and Holly is the team photographer, videographer/snack bringer/sometimes scorekeeper/and football pant whitening extraordinaire.

Colten – Coaching Dad

With two sons in flag football, one in middle school tackle, and a cheerleader daughter, I guess he might as well coach! Colten played the game when he was younger and said it’s always been in his blood. Colten has been the leader of many Lubbock Moms’ kids’ first attempts at football. He thinks they learn precious lessons on the field – competing, finding joy, humbleness, resilience, persistence, and rewards in the form of pizza!

Holly – The Team Mom

Even though she’s constantly juggling 3.5 different schedules (her daughter cheers for one of her three son’s teams, so they can at least get that one!), Holly loves the game and what it does for her family. She really does do it all – recorder, photographer, videographer, and team mom memory maker. She thinks it’s essential to be there to help her kids remember all the highlights and significant moments of the game.

Holly says, “It’s something that unifies people. You come together to celebrate, to be sad when we lose, and it’s just so important for these kids to learn how to cope with that kind of thing at a young age so that when they’re older, they understand. They learn team bonding and companionship, and we make friends; we have already made some of our best friends through flag football. And it’s a good community type of sport. I mean, being able to learn early on to stare in the face of adversity and still try your best. That’s probably one of the best lessons you can learn as an adult and child.”

“…but it’s just the joy, you know, them trying to learn how to catch the ball, making a play, having a victory, and it’s a solid team effort. You see, it’s not just one, and it’s so essential for them to have that feeling of being on a team, having that bond have an excitement and someone to share it with, and there is nothing that compares to the joy on their faces.”

Watch our interview with Holly and Colten to hear more about their family and why they choose to play football at all levels!

“Visit FutureForFootball.com to find a league near you and for other helpful resources.”

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