H-E-B Lubbock Opens: Exclusive Behind the Scenes with Lubbock Moms

This content is not sponsored (unless you count the free cookie!), but seriously my personal and honest opinion. If HEB wants to become an official Lubbock Moms partner, I'm pretty sure they've got my number already 😉

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m an H-E-B supporter/believer/fanatic.

Some of you know that I spent lots of my years as an out of towner (I should technically claim San Antonio as my hometown based on how long I lived there!). One of my absolute favorite things about living in South Texas (besides the food, the live music, and the wonderful amount of trees) was H-E-B. I’ve lived all over the world and the United States, and hands down, this grocery store has always been my favorite. Something about getting Dulche de Leche ice cream, THE BEST TORTILLAS THIS SIDE OF THE MOON, my live Christmas tree, and that dang San Antonio blend coffee in one place completely hooked me. Add in the way H-E-B supports the community in ways like Hunger Relief efforts, Excellence in Education awards, and the incredible support for small businesses/retailers/suppliers through the Primo Picks program and you’ve got yourself a seriously conscientious company that you can really get behind!

Pre-kids, grocery shopping was way more fun and of course, a lot less stressful. Now that I’m a mom, I can REALLY appreciate a lot of the ways that H-E-B is trying to make my life easier. From the Meal Deals to the date night cooking classes, to the delivery of my stinkin’ dog’s medications I just can’t see my loyalties lying anywhere else.

Check out what I think the four instant “mom favorites” will be:

  1. Meal Simple – prepared meals to go.
  2. Sushi – grocery store sushi like you’ve never had before including new creations like the Lubbock and Matador rolls.
  3. Fresh-squeezed juice, FULL STOP.
  4. A beer and wine section complete with a tasting counter (and a super awesome buy 6 bottles, get a 10% discount at all times deal)!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate Lubbock and pat myself on the back – I’m pretty sure when H-E-B heard I was moving back home, they knew they needed to be here too… “What can I say except, “You’re welcome!” (Thanks, Maui, for those impactful words!). As you can imagine, I’ve been weaseling my way into the new store scene and wanted to share some of the AMAZING features that our newest grocery store will have – especially if you can’t make it out on opening day! In no particular order (Who am I kidding?! the tortillas are going first and most importantly!)…

The H-E-B Tortilleria where you pick up the bag, hold it to your chest, and do a little dance every time. It’s not my rule, it just naturally happens. Try it. Then send me a video.

Unless you have 24×7 access to an abuelita that showers you with fluffy goodness, this is the next best thing to heaven. For real. Period. I’m not sure I can even finish this post now that I’m thinking about these tortillas…

Over 300 types of cheese at all times. I mean, what else do you need to survive?!

This monster-sized display holds every kind of cheese you could ever dream of. It wraps around the corner and leads into all the wonderful Martha Stewart inspired party trays, the local honey and jam, and these amazing ‘who brought this to dinner and where the heck did you get it’ possibilities in the world!


This is NOT your average Lubbock-sized meat and fish counter. Y’all, it’s gigantic and the stuff coming out of here easily rivals that of what we were getting on the East Coast for seafood. I’m so excited to think that I can get all of my selections from ONE store and not have to make multiple trips (surf and turf, baby!). Also, the friendliest people from the whole tour were behind these counters. They want you to ask questions, so let them teach you stuff!

A full bar, BBQ restaurant, a roastery… and LIVE MUSIC. I’m moving in, y’all!

Skip your traditional hangout and come here. You won’t want to miss this happenin’ spot where you can get authentic Texas BBQ, listen to some local live music, and get a fresh brewed Italian style coffee (it’s a new fangled thing that this coffee lover can’t adequately explain but I know I already love it). I mean, isn’t this is the most parent-y thing you can think of? Your new favorite grocery store has also become your favorite socializing spot!

This is where you learn how to make all the date-night-at-home fancy pants stuff. We have a recipe every year for Valentine’s Day that we learned how to make here! Seven years and going strong!

The Cooking Connection at H-E-B is one of the coolest features in our new store. This is a legit gourmet cooking demonstration that always has all the products needed surrounding the display (watch, load your basket, head home to fill your belly!). Kristy is who you will see behind the counter and she’s just the nicest, most patient teacher ever – and I was only with her for a few moments! Super pumped about this one.

Just because I could write twelve pages about my love for this grocery chain, I’ll cut it off here and leave you with a collection of super cute and tasty creations just for Lubbock (I may have had 987259879587 cups of the Hub City blend coffee on this snow day already. I bet you can’t tell though, right?!?!??!). I hope you’ll check it out this week, you’ll be instantly impressed, and then, we’ll be able to talk about it and all you new H-E-B lovers will make me look more composed 😉

Made by H-E-B for our Lubbock store ONLY. Get you some now!

Gameday, anyone?! Wreck Em!


H-E-B is famous for those local coffee flavors! This one is “medium-bodied with sweet cream and rich vanilla flavors.”

There are PRAIRIE DOGS on the bag… it’s like they know us already!


Alright, so here’s the deal, when we run into each other at H-E-B, tell me what you’ve found to be your favorite new thing. I promise not to overwhelm you with all my questions. I’ll just patiently wait for you to come to your own conclusions. HAPPY H-E-B shopping, y’all!

This is me, eating said cookie.
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Chelsea is the owner and founder of Lubbock Moms. She is married to Jason and mom to Olivia and Jake. Chelsea is a sometimes-fun mom and really enjoys productivity, achievement, and crossing things off her to-do list (Enneagram 3, much?!). Her family enjoys cuddling, canceled plans, and YouTube Kids. She's involved in the Lubbock community through the Junior League, Chamber of Commerce, and alllllll the committees. Favorite Lubbock Restaurant: Giorgio's Pizza Favorite Lubbock Landmark: The Terra Estates North Neighborhood Favorite Lubbock Tradition: The incredible sunsets


  1. I have been patiently waiting for H‑E‑B to open up. I have lived other places across the country and those stores do not compare. So happy! 😁

  2. My husband grew up in Austin, and I lived there from 2006-2012, so I have also come to love all things HEB!!! We can’t wait to get over there and do some shopping… but, we’re gonna wait until after the snow melts : )


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