Meet Kimberly Akins!


Kim here! I’m an East Coast girl living the Lubbock cautionary tale. I came for grad school and never left. Even though I grew up on the beach in Virginia, and went to school in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (GO HOKIES!), something about Lubbock drew me in and made it home. I married a native Texan and we’re raising two little boys (ages 5 and 6) to be good humans. I’m also fortunate to work for a fantastic university, so I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the small town feel, the endless food options, and the fact that “heavy traffic” adds an extra ten minutes to my commute. We’re a traveling family, so we especially appreciate just how many fun trips are within driving distance. If we could just get cheaper flights, dial the wind back to a ‘5,’ transport in some mountains, and find a closer beach, it might actually be the perfect place to raise kids!

I hate talking about myself, probably because I am a certified introvert who extroverts all day at work and with my kiddos. When given the choice, I always choose quality over quantity with the people in my circle. I’m a fierce protector of those I love, and anyone who may not have a voice, mostly because I live by the platinum rule: treat others the way they want to be treated. I’m a risk taker, but not reckless. I like having a plan (that’s an understatement), but don’t mind throwing it out the window to try something completely different. I Iove rules (hello, the oldest child here), but will challenge them in a second if they harm people around me. My current interests include watching an unhealthy amount of college football, eating food that could never be considered healthy (including my favorite food group: salt), playing with my pup after a long day, being an expert of Y-7 TV, perfecting a playlist for introducing my kids to the greatest music of all time, and living in a house full of boys 24/7. I also hate April Fool’s Day (don’t @ me). Growing up I also used to do baton things and was a thoroughly moderate deal on the twirling circuit.

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Kimberly is an East Coast girl who came to Lubbock for grad school and never left. A proud graduate of Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!) and Texas Tech, Kimberly married a native Texan and is currently raising two little boys (ages 7 and 8) to be good humans. She is a certified introvert who extroverts all day at work, and her current interests include reading all the books, playing with all the puppies, being an expert of Y-7 TV, and living in a house full of boys 24/7. Favorite Restaurant: Saigon Favorite Landmark: Palo Duro Canyon Favorite Lubbock Tradition:The Nutcracker