Five Friday Favorites: April 9th Edition


Before having kids, Fridays meant something completely different for me than they do now. They meant going out with friends and staying out way too late. They meant getting to sleep in until noon the next day and then crawl out of bed to find something greasy to eat. They meant no alarms and no responsibilities for 2 whole days. 

Now I have 3 human alarm clocks who like to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 6:30 on Saturday morning. Friday nights mean pizza and movies. They mean getting up early the next morning for cereal and cartoons. They mean piles of laundry and long to-do lists of household chores. 

But… I wouldn’t change it for the world. These are the best days of my life. These are the days I dreamed of as a little girl. However, these days are hard, and there are certain things I need to get me through the weeks. Here are the top 5 things that got me through this week:

1. TikTok

When this app first came out, I refused to fall down the rabbit hole. And then the pandemic happened, and we were all on lock-down… now, here I am a year later and I literally cry-laugh daily watching TikTok videos. It’s my happy place, my escape from reality. I’ve found cleaning hacks, cooking tips, shopping ideas, and SO.MANY.LAUGHS. We all need a laugh or two to unwind in the evenings… amirite?! Or amirite?


2. Paramount+

Take off the hater shades here… I’m about to confess. My kids watch way too much TV. I have a 2-month-old, don’t judge me. When CBS switched over to Paramount+ and partnered with Nickelodeon, my heart did a little happy dance inside my chest. I love Disney, but I was a Nickelodeon kid. At my school growing up, Nickelodeon vs. Disney in elementary was the equivalent to N*Sync vs. Backstreet Boys in middle school. Nickelodeon was my jam. Doug, Rugrats, Cat Dog, Sponge Bob, Drake, and Josh… ALL.OF.IT. If my kids are going to take over my TV, I will show them the oldies but goodies, and I will have no shame in it. Excuse me while I go press play on the next Cat Dog episode and refill my coffee cup.


3. Wal-Mart Pickup

Holy saving grace… Seriously. My husband works in the oilfield and has wild hours, so there are lots of times I am alone with all 3 kids. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried taking 3 kids into Wal-Mart alone, but 10/10 do not recommend. Do yourself a favor and download the Wal-Mart app now. Need a broom? Add to cart. Need some Melatonin for those wild kids? Add to cart. Need some eggs and milk? Add to cart. Select a pickup time and go! Seriously, you can pick up ANYTHING. The sky is the limit. Thank you, Wal-Mart gods. My sanity appreciates you more than you know.


4. Bath & Body Works Wallflowers

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I notice when I go anywhere is the smell. If it smells good, I automatically feel more comfortable. I have an oilfield hubby, 2 boys, a newborn, and 2 dogs. Our house has funky smells often. BUT! Bath and Body Works helps me fix that problem. I have a wallflower plug-in in each room, and I change them bad boys out every 30 days on the dot. A good-smelling house makes me feel better that my house is not magazine-worthy when it comes to cleanliness. My floors may be dirty, but my house smells amazing… that has to count for something, RIGHT?! And the fact that they last a full 30 days blows my mind. 


5. My bottle of Svedka

THIS. This is the last highlight of my week. I’m no alcoholic… I don’t even like getting drunk! I absolutely HATE the feeling. But pour me a glass of this with some sparkling water and lemon juice, draw me a nice hot bath with a bath bomb, give me my phone for my TikTok, and you may just become my favorite person in the universe. **HINT, HINT, my sweet husband!** Kidding. Kinda. But for real… Svedka is my way to wind down. One drink gives me the relaxation I need to end a long day of keeping humans alive, dogs alive, laundry done (halfway), etc. Give it a shot (pun intended), I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

Alright, fam… I leave you with that! I wish blessings upon blessings to each one of you as we go into this weekend! You’re AMAZING, don’t let anyone tell you any different. Keep on keepin’ on!!

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