Five Friday Favorites: Back to School Edition!


Hey! I’m Linda, and I am a stay-at-home mom. This is my first year with both kids in school in person. Last year we did virtual learning all school year, and this is my first year without kids in the house during the school day. Here are my new favorite things!

1. My empty house

As soon as my husband and kids leave for school in the morning, the living room looks just like this. I picked up last night, and it still looks like this. It’s beautiful.


2. Silence

If you could hear the picture of my living room, it sounds like silence. No screaming, no loud bursts from playing Minecraft, no whining “but whyyy??” Just silence. My introverted self is at peace during the school day.


3. Solitary lunch

Y’all. I get to only worry about what I want to eat for lunch. And I get to eat my lunch at the intended temperature. Okay, sometimes I eat lunch with my husband, who works from home, but still, food at the intended temperature and no whining. Pictured above is leftover enchilada casserole and cilantro lime rice on a kid plate.


4. My empty minivan

Do you know how fast and easy it is to just get in the van and go? No waiting for everyone to get all of the toys they own just to go pick up curbside groceries! No waiting forever for everyone to buckle up! I just get in, buckle up, and go! I don’t even know what to do with myself!


5. These leggings

I found these Danskin brand leggings at Costco last week, and I love them so much that I went back this week to get another pair. They are usually $12.99, but they are $3 off! They are so soft, have pockets on the sides, and are ⅞ pants, which I love because, as a short person, these are the perfect full-length pants!