Back to School Tips with Dr. Arrington Madison

Sponsored post brought to you by our partner UMC Health System, but thoughts and opinions are our own.

There are only about 2 million things we all have to do in August before those precious sweetie pies vacate their dungeon-y rooms covered in Cheeto dust and head back to the bright and airy hallways of their local school. Some moms are already prepared, having ordered those school supplies at the end of LAST school year (pro mom tip!), and some of us are desperately trying to keep our sanity intact while we drag a tantrum-ing 6-year-old through the aisles of Target.

Whether you are Camp 1, or Camp 2, there are a few things we can all agree are of utmost importance when it comes to getting ready for the new school year – our kids’ health! Pro Mom and Health Care Extraordinaire Dr. Arrington Madison has put a quick and easy list together, and all you have to do is check them off, and your little snookums is ready to get on that bus!

Dr. Madison is a third-generation physician eager to carry on a legacy of care with a purpose by teaming up with parents for their children’s wellbeing. She received her Doctor of Medicine from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center before completing her residency with UMC and Texas Tech. Although originally from Dallas, Dr. Madison quickly made Lubbock her home. She looks forward to helping you care for your children, whether getting them healthy or keeping them healthy.

Tip Number 1: Schedule a well check and stay on a regular rotation with your pediatrician.

Not only is this a must-do, but it’s a great way to keep on top of all those ages and stages. You definitely don’t have to wait until a yearly appointment to raise concerns with your doctor, but if you have a relatively healthy kiddo that eats veggies, this might be good for now. Don’t skip it! Many insurance companies require these to stay active in their programs too.

Tip Number 2: Get those vaccinations and make sure you grab a copy of your child’s updated record.

Staying on top of the vaccination schedule is sometimes required for school and sports registration. If you haven’t done so on a birthday, the beginning of the year is a great time to take care of that. If you’re interested in the COVID vaccine, read information from Dr. Jessica Gray and decide before you go in.

Tip Number 3: If your child plans to play sports, get that physical now, so they don’t have to wait to start!

This is a huge one! If Tommy wants to take the field on day one, you’ll need to have this done already. It’s for everyone’s safety, and it’s always a requirement to be on the team in high school sports.

Tip Number 4: If the sniffles and sneezes hit you – which we know will – make sure you visit the quick and convenient drive-thru clinic!

The UMC Family and Children’s Clinic on 98th and Frankford can give you flu, strep, and COVID tests all in the comfort of your car. And, when those kids are first of year tired AND sick, we can’t think of anything better than letting them stay in the car seat!

Tip Number 5: Have the best school year available to you!

UMC Health Systems, UMC Children’s, and Lubbock Moms wish all Lubbock kids and parents a safe and productive school year. We hope all those growing brains stay healthy and happy until next summer!