I Don’t Bathe My Kid


Full disclosure! I don’t bathe my kid every day. In fact, I bath her once a week. Sometimes twice.

Hear me out before you assume I am the proud mother of the stinky kid!

My toddler has incredibly sensitive skin, so I tend to avoid just about anything extra that could go on her skin irritate it. That includes soaps, shampoos, and definitely lotion. The less I have to use these things, the less her skin gets irritated or dried out. I don’t want to get sucked into the cycle of washing her, then immediately having to use lotion because the soap dried her out. It’s a cycle that becomes impossible to break. Skin will regulate itself if you give it a chance.

When we do use soaps, we always go for the unscented sensitive versions. Spending a little more on quality baby products makes all the difference to me! Most products (even the ones targeted to babies) are still harsh on delicate, perfect baby skin.

Her hair never gets greasy, unless there was an unfortunate event with noodles, but that’s a different situation. My little one was born with a ton of hair, so I’ve been dealing with hair washing since day one. Since we wash it so infrequently, it stays soft and clean much longer because her scalp isn’t over-producing oils.

She also HATES taking baths. We’ve tried it all. I hear from many moms that it’s a phase that young kids go through, and why would I want to subject both of us to screaming torture if I don’t really think it’s necessary? Yeah, not a battle I feel like fighting. A quick washcloth wipe down after a particularly messy meal is fine with me!

So do you think I’m nuts? Are you on #teamnobaths or #teamallthebaths?

How often do you bathe those babies, and why?