Let’s Talk Family Photos


Ah. Feel that? That little nip in the air. Fall. My most favorite time of all!!!

What does fall mean to me? Well, putting pumpkins, sweaters, hot chocolate, and all aside… it’s FAMILY PHOTO TIME!!!

Ya see I’m a portrait photographer here in good ol’ Lubbock. (Stalk me, Alicia Junod Photography, on all the social media: Facebook, Instagram, and my website!) This time of year is pure insanity for me but in the best possible way. I get to connect with my clients and spend a little quality time locking in this stage of their life for years to come. I seriously love my job!

Now, I am entirely aware that Family Photos tend to be stressful for moms. The coordinating of outfits, making sure your kids behave, or your partner – because we all know that struggle too, ALL OF IT! I thought I would put together some fun tips and tricks to prepare you guys for your session.

I like lists – so here we go!

1. Avoid being matchy-matchy.

What do I mean by that? Well, avoid putting everyone in solid black or denim, etc. My main tip is to choose one person’s outfit first. When I’m selecting for my family, I almost always find something that I will like on myself and feel comfortable in. Then I base the outfits around mine. Here’s our family photo from this year. I found my dress, and then went from there!


They don’t have to be fancy – but if you are all dressed and looking polished, nothing will throw that off faster than a pair of loud-colored tennis shoes. I know the trend now is tennis shoes for everything – and some tennis shoes will work. We went with a dressy tennis shoe version for Adler’s (my son) outfit for this session.

boy by a haybale
3. Mamas with girls, this is for you.

If you have a little one and you’re planning on putting her in a dress, PLEASE put on shorts underneath the dress. Just the little tight shorts. This will save SO many images because littles are squirmy, and skirts do not stay in place. I have skipped editing so many photos because undies or diapers are showing!

4. If you have concerns, insecurities, or any general worry, do not hesitate to relay those things to your photographer.

I love when my clients speak openly and honestly about their concerns. It puts us both on the same page, and it will allow your photographer to be aware of those things and shoot accordingly.


Yes, mama, BRIBERY WORKS! Even on the adults. Sometimes you have to bribe your partners, too. Please give them a pass to go golf or do something they enjoy, or you can even get a little more creative than that, *wink wink*! All that aside, make a plan to take the kiddos for a treat or get a small surprise that they can earn when they listen to the photographer. This gives you a slight pull and can help your little one stay focused. The ice cream man rolled by at the end of this session, and his little guy got instant gratification!

6. Last but most certainly not least – try not to stand behind your photographer and scream and make all kinds of noises to get your kiddos’ attention.

Let your photographer take the lead. If they need some assistance getting your little to smile – they will ask for it. All of the hoopla can make your little ones tense up or even start crying. Even if it doesn’t, they won’t be looking into the camera because they will be focused on you. This is VERY important! 


I hope that this took a little of the stress off of your shoulders!! The number one thing to take away from this blog today is – when in doubt – CONTACT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!!! I would love to see your family photos in the comments below! 

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