Make Ahead Mornings


Who loves a hectic, chaotic morning? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Here at Lubbock Moms, we believe in keeping the mayhem to a minimum whenever possible. We’re sharing this roundup of make-ahead breakfast ideas that will hopefully help mornings run a little smoother in your household.

Several of these ideas came from our Lubbock Moms community group on Facebook. If you’re local, check it out and see what else we chat about!

Sandwiches and Burritos

You can make and freeze an entire batch of breakfast sandwiches or burritos to have for a quick meal. Here are a few links to get the ideas flowing. Many of these sandwiches are made with English muffins, but you can swap them out with biscuits, bagels, plain bread, dinner rolls, and more! Use whatever meat your family likes.

Tip: make sure everything is completely cooled before wrapping and putting it in the freezer

Want something a little different? Try breakfast bowls instead!

Who wants pancakes?

Pancakes and waffles are great for breakfast, but we don’t always have time to make a batch in the mornings. However, you can make some and freeze them for later. Here are some tips for freezing and reheating, as well as more recipes to get you started!

Maybe a French toast bake sounds good!

Casserole time!

Casseroles give you some great options for breakfast. You can prep them the night before and then bake them in the morning. You can also bake ahead of time and reheat as needed!

Quiche is another excellent choice for mornings!

Do you know the muffin man?

A muffin with yogurt, fruit, and a glass of milk would make a fantastic quick breakfast. Make a batch on the weekend for a grab-and-go option.

You can even make savory, high-protein muffins! Okay, maybe they’re like a mini-omelet, but they are tasty and easy to reheat.


Oats, Parfaits, Smoothies, and More!

Sure, you could open a packet of instant oatmeal and a carton of yogurt (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but here are some ideas for a chance of pace.

What’s for breakfast?

We hope this has given you some inspiration to prep ahead a breakfast or two. We want to know how you tame the chaos in the mornings. Let us know if you try any of these ideas!

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