My Son is like Buddy the Elf


If you’re like me, Elf is on your top 3 must-watch Christmas movie list. We start watching with Christmas in July than give it a rest in January. Have you ever watched the movie then thought, “Dang. That grown Elf is just like my four year old?”

Take a moment and appreciate how we all have a small Buddy the Elf living with us, and enjoy how my son is much like Buddy the Elf.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son loves to sing.

Anybody can sing. Right? ‘All you have to do is move your voice up and down.’ That’s exactly what my son does. As we’re driving down the road, he’ll look out the window and sing about whatever he sees. It may sound a little something like this, “I’m a ninja and I love horses. And the horse eats the grass. And the grass is green. It’s green. It’s greeeeeeeeen.”

Like Buddy the Elf, my son can tell a mean story.

It starts in the North Pole with a ninja. Then he makes his way past the peppermint gum drops and over the bridge to the secret agent town of Mumbo Jumbo. His stories rarely make sense and may be most difficult for an outsider to understand, but it’s always told with the utmost enthusiasm to lead any charades team to victory.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son is obsessed with New York City.

Moms out there know that one book that changes your life for a season because it’s on repeat, and your child references it daily. Well, this book for us is a cat that went to New York City. Every time he wants to play “airport,” his destination is always, without fail, New York City. And if you want a cup of tea, “Sure thing. Coming right up from New York City.” If I could merge his love of airplanes, New York, and Christmas, I may win the mother of the century. Not to mention, momma would be able to mark that trip off her bucket list.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son only has four major food groups.

Those food groups are pasta, Chick Fil A, pizza, and syrup. He truly loves syrup on everything, including drizzling it all over the carpet in my bedroom and then hiding the empty container under my bed. While angry at the sticky mess I had to clean up, the maple’s fresh scent quickly calmed my nerves as the heavenly scent is still smell-able to this day.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son has an obsession with Christmas trees.

He’s mesmerized by Christmas’s beauty, and as his mother, nothing could make me more proud. We have a Christmas tree in every room of the house, and my son decorates each one with the enthusiasm of a super bowl winning starting quarterback. May he never lose that spark. And I won’t go into the excitement he displays when we open the Disney ornaments. He loves those things as much as I love my Barbie tree.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son is a firstborn child.

This isn’t saying a lot since our elf culture knowledge is minor, but I believe it’s important to note the facts. From what I’ve read, firstborns have a natural leadership quality, as was witnessed with Buddy in the mailroom making friends and being the genesis of the party. My son may not be taking over a mailroom anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that an elevator shop isn’t in his future.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son finds humor, love, and excitement in each typical day.

As Buddy jumps over each painted line on the crosswalk dodging the yellow ones because we all know they don’t stop, he finds joy in the details. My son is the spitting image of this beautiful Elf even if mom runs late or is in a hurry. Life to him is but a vapor, and he enjoys every breath.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son thinks coffee is yucky.

He won’t be adding the special syrup until he’s 21, but most importantly, he won’t be touching mommy’s most needed pick me upper anytime soon thanks to his last experience with the black coffee tasting. Mom win! Don’t worry, son. You don’t have to drink it.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son has his own children’s book written about his experiences.

Now, he may share that title with his sister, but it’s him nonetheless. Just like parents tell the story of young ones journeying through the adventures of the North Pole with Buddy the Elf, they can also do the same with Maddy Lou and Mack at the State Fair of Texas. Instead of wandering through a winter wonderland, children can travel to Texas’s state fair and experience history in the written word. I love our book because it plants a seed of travel in little ones that make them want to get up and go. They want to see the same sights as Maddy Lou and Mack, and the great thing is, they can if there isn’t a pandemic. You can purchase a copy of Maddy Lou and Mack at Texas’s State Fair of Texas at or click here or send me a message here.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son believes in Santa.

I know this is a controversial issue for some parents for many reasons, but I’ve chosen not to get into the weeds of that argument. I grew up believing and loving Santa, and to this day, I get excited to track him and his reindeer each year. Therefore, I love that my children love Santa. And yes, he gets all the credit for your hard work. And yes, he isn’t the reason for the season. But, he is love, joy, and an outside disciplinarian that I love and need in my life. When my son mentions that Santa is watching, I feel a sense of pride and gratitude that that’s one less “no” or “don’t do that” that I don’t have to speak into existence. So for that, momma says thank you Santa and of course buddy the Elf.

Like Buddy the Elf, my son will not forget the “little” people, pun intended.

Buddy and his new family visited his Papa Elf often. It’s my prayer and badge of motherly success if when my son leaves and creates his own family, he still enjoys coming home to visit mom and dad. If my little buddy comes back to visit, I must’ve done something right.


Tell me how your little one is like a Christmas character.

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