No One Laughs at My Jokes


I don’t usually get mushy, so if anyone that knows me is wondering where all the humor is, I am good. I just need to express this feeling. I watched these legs and feet as I cooked one night this week. I was thinking about how they almost touch the floor, how she used to have to sit on them to see over the table because she was a “big kid” and didn’t need a booster.

I watched these legs again tonight as I poured me some sweet iced tea at a local restaurant. She chose the tallest table with the tallest chairs. It was a struggle for her to get up in the chair, but she made it by the time I got over there.

Meals are our time for the best conversations. I was asked math questions (okay, maybe that was the funny part), told about the baseball boys behind me that were chewing and talking with their mouth full, and then she told me a joke. They are usually originals.

“Mom, how does a cat say ‘Wowsers’?” I was excited because I MIGHT know this one, “MEOWOWSERS?!?!!!” She said, “YES! Did my teacher tell you the answer?” I said, “No, I guessed. Did she laugh when you said the answer? That was a good one!” She said, “No, no one really ever laughs at my jokes.”

“No one laughs at my jokes.” This from the girl who said she wanted to be our waitress when she grows up because she was so kind. From the girl who also wanted to ask the one baseball player who was sitting alone to come sit with us. From the girl who asked me if she could get me more tea while she grabbed a spoon.

I held back some tears as I leaned forward and said, “Of all the things I have ever told you to remember, make some room at the top of your list for these: Keep asking people to come sit with you when they are alone. Keep finding a need and asking yourself how you can help. Keep looking up to people that share your values. And above all these, KEEP TELLING YOUR JOKES!”

Someday these legs and feet will be off and running without a lot of time for table talk. On my list of reminders, I have moved all of her jokes to the top.



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