Julie Williams

Originally a Greyhound from Knox City and after spending 16 years in Lubbock she is back to small town living in Abernathy! Julie has been a single mom since 2011 when her daughter Emery was born. She is a huge animal lover and currently has a couple of canines, Hero The Goodfella (Labradoodle) and Galaxy The Queen (Husky/German Shepherd Mix). Her biggest dream is to live on some land, in a tiny house and be surrounded by donkeys, cows, dogs and a goat. Julie is the Compliance/Fleet/Safety Manger for MUDco Read-Mix Concrete. First language is Sarcasm and her life moto is "I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing" . She is a podcast junkie and if you are looking for some crime/murder podcast suggestions, she is your gal! Favorite Restaurant: Yamagata Japanese Steakhouse Favorite Landmark: The drive around MacKenzie and Cesar Chavez Parks Favorite Tradition: Cruising Ransom Canyon Lake at Christmas

Five Friday Favorites: February 26th Edition

My most favorite thing to do these days is listening to podcasts. Sometimes I venture out of my True Crime category, but I always find my way back. I am getting through with a little...

How Trippy Are You?

Growing up, I think I traveled to 2 different states. Colorado on a family vacation and Florida with a church group (a group of me and two gals named Sarah and Sara 😊). My sister...

Take the Trash Out

This weekend, in hopes of giving my eight-year-old more room and a bathroom that is not seen by the once in a blue moon guest that may come over, we switched rooms. The amount...

Single Mom Confessions

I started thinking about this piece and wanted to write about things that should not be said to a single mom, but it was getting too heavy for me. I decided to tell you...

Now is the Time for Memories

So, let's say I had a grandmother who was chronically early. Christmas dinner started at noon; she would be there at 10 am. This was always a little running joke. Just like the jokes,...

Thanks, Covid

Thanks, COVID. Because of COVID, I have had to face two obstacles that I thought I already had a pretty good handle on: Electronics and the time spent on them The purchase of a cell...

Not the Super Powers You Are Expecting

I have a lot of internal dialogue. So much that when I see someone that I maybe had a thoughtful discussion with, I feel like they know and are evaluating a conversation that they...

All The Single Ladies

I can’t say I didn’t do any living before I became pregnant at 35. In my 20s through my early 30s, I married, divorced, moved countless times, started college (again), quit college (again), found...

Kid’s Guide to Virtual Communication

Hello, young friends!  Are you a Face Timer? Do you have Kids Messenger? How about your own phone? Wait, do you have one of those old-time phones that plug into a wall at your house?...

Upside Down

This evening finds me closing the door after having had to talk to the gentleman that mows my lawn. What he doesn't know is that I sat wide-eyed, looking at my kid as the...