Recognizing Blessings


Name them one by one…

When you wake up and draw your first conscious breath of the day, begin.

Begin to count them when you first crawl out of bed, every day. Blessings. We all have them, but we don’t all recognize them. I hope you do. 

They can be the simplest to the sublime. 

At times, I like to think of the most ridiculous blessings I have and am thankful for. 

Like toilet paper. 


This year has certainly taught us not to take it for granted! I find that wonderfully hilarious.

Another ridiculous one is Cheetos. I mean, is there any other thing that satisfies so well? 

Maybe, on second thought, perhaps chips and salsa, popcorn, chocolate, chicken fried steak, Coca-Cola with Sonic ice, dip cones, sour patch kids, or Wingstop french fries. 

Enough about cravings and food…


Sometimes it is listening to a bird singing in my yard and wondering what kind it is. Often I hear a familiar song and can sing every word and am transported in my memories to another time of joy or sorrow. Maybe it’s a frivolously fun girly thing like nail polish just because I like it. (How many shades of red or coral are acceptable to own?) 

Always, it is a book or a new topic to research. All the time, it is that I chose to be intentional enough to pay attention and count whatever it is as a blessing of the day.

Then, there are these: a text from a friend (or a grandchild), unexpected flowers for no reason from… anyone, a walk outside with a gentle West Texas wind blowing through your hair, the smell of something savory or sweet in the oven. Or it could be achieving a goal, making a new friend, trying something new, doing something hard, pondering a new topic, idea, or opinion… all of these things can open your life to the most amazing blessings.

This is Thanksgiving “month.” However, living thankfully, EVERY DAY is the key to JOY! So, if you want to have it all year through, you best be mindful of your blessings 24/7, 365. Keep a blessing box, a joy journal, or make a daily social media post. However, you want to remind yourself to remember… it only works if you do it!


Count them. Name them. Celebrate them. Remember them. 

Most of all, Recognize them.