Supermoms Need a Break Too: 5 Techniques to Getting a Recharge


When I think of my schedule, I sometimes say, “Jesus take the wheel.” From drop-offs in the mornings to work, dance practice, volleyball, work again, and home to hobby-lobby for supplies at 7:55 pm because my daughter forgot to tell me she had a project that was due tomorrow. LIFE is a LOT when you have kids, husbands (which sometimes constitute children), and careers.  

We Supermoms wear many hats, but Supermoms have to be sure we are taking time for ourselves to continue to be in the best shape for the ones who truly depend on us. Even God, who was in the middle of creating the universe, took a break! (Genesis 2:2)  

Here are 5 Techniques for getting your recharge!

1. Stop Drop and Roll

I’m not talking about a fire. I literally mean STOP, DROP, and ROLL if you feel like you are on the brink of SCREAMING!  

Stop. Immediately. Drop what you are doing and Roll with it!  

We are not perfect! Close to it, but we are not perfect; we are human ladies! Sometimes we get in the habit of having everything in the perfect place at the perfect time, and we end going crazy! Listen! If there are dishes in the sink or if you have a pile of clothing left on the sofa, I promise you your children will not catch the Corona from it! It is okay, and it will be there tomorrow! Rest and take care of it tomorrow! (now, please don’t make this a habit every day because then you will have mold in your sink, and that may be Corona. Just kidding.).

2. Listen to Your Body

Whether we know it or not, our body is built “Ford Tough” (I don’t even own a Ford, but I liked the cliche’). If we work our bodies correctly, they can function correctly. A car starts typically making noise or has an indicator light when something needs to be fixed. The worst thing to do with a vehicle is not paying attention to the signs, for example, not getting an oil change. If your car runs out of oil, you will eventually mess up the engine, and the vehicle will STOP! Like a car, our body signals when something needs to be fixed or something is wrong. We have to be sure that when we get to the point of exhaustion and our body is giving us cues of “Girl, you better get somewhere and sit down,” we have to listen! It is okay to rest, which is my next point.

3. Don’t Feel Bad for Saying No

I had to learn this the hard way. I got on a roll of taking every engagement I was thrown and ended up triple booking my schedule one day! Well, I can say it all got done, but by the end of it, I was about to choke a few people, and my orange was not going to be my new black, but my outfit for eternity behind a cell. I had to make it up in my mind that it is okay to say no, and if there is someone that doesn’t like it, WHO CARES!!! You have a life and health and children and family that is your First Priority! Everything after that is second.  

Don’t allow the pressure of people outside of the first priority to bombard you with unnecessary stress. Believe me; it is not worth it. The money will be there, work will be there, the stress I promise you will be there, but LIFE – – We only have ONE!

4. Always Pay Yourself

Honey! We work hard for the money! Pay Ceasar, pay your staff, pay your bills, pay your bank account, BUT always put into the equation and budget to pay yourself.  

This payment does not always have to be in currency. This payment can be in things like an hour at the spa, a walk around the park by yourself, a mini-vacation get-away with you and your girlfriends, or a new purse or coffee mug (in my case, it’s a new Tumbler. I think I am starting to have a cute cup fetish). Never spend all of your time working, and never spend all of your hard-earned funds on everything else while leaving yourself with nothing. Take time for yourself, and pay yourself.  

5. Trust That It Will Get Done, Even if You Don’t See It Through Until the End

Okay, all you perfectionists, this last one is for you, and I am included in this. We do not have to be MICRO MANAGERS of EVERYTHING!  

Our jobs, our hats, and our lives require us as moms to be at our best the majority of the time because, let’s be honest, if it weren’t for the woman pushing (and this includes kids out of a small hole from our bodies), there would be no such thing as humanity! We wear pressure well, but we also don’t like giving up responsibility if we are not made to. 

I know I want to make sure everything is perfect and done correctly the first time around. Sometimes this leads me to say, “You know what, I will do it myself.” Then I get upset at the end of the day because no one offered to help, but I’m the one that wanted to control it to ensure it got done, which forced me to do it by myself. It’s an oxymoron, I know, but I have been guilty of doing this. It is okay to let someone stumble to complete a task even when you can finish it well and fast.  

About a year ago, I learned to walk in the house and close my eyes until I reach my bedroom so that I don’t have to see what is inside of my home in between the garage door and my bedroom. I would literally walk with my arms out and my eyes closed until I reached my bedroom because I didn’t want to have to see the sock on the floor or the toys in the corner of the living room or the cereal bowl on the kitchen table. I had to learn to trust that my children had their chores, and my husband knew how to assist in being sure that the house stayed clean. Eventually, I woke up in the morning, knowing that my house would be cleaned at noon or 10 pm, but it would be completed regardless.  

You got this, Supermoms! Take your recharge, and keep being GREAT!


What are you doing to recharge?  Tell me in the comments below!