The Double Standard


*Bachelor Spoilers Below*

Finally, getting a chance to Watch Part 1 of The Bachelor, and I am shocked. Since the moment Madison revealed her feelings about abstinence and her passion for Peter in the fantasy suite, I have seen no shortage of absolute crap for her. 

Why?! Why should everyone give her a hard time for staying true to her morals and convictions? Maybe it is the old fashion Christian in me, but every parent should want a daughter like Madison. I think we all make mistakes, but why WOULDN’T you want your daughter and children to wait for “The One?” 

All of that aside, who wouldn’t want their child to stand up for their beliefs no matter what? A child who does not compromise themselves, feelings, and worth for their partner. 

What Madison has said over and over resonates with me. Yes, she loves him, but her needs and values are just as important, AS THEY SHOULD BE.

In addition to all of this, the fact that his parents and brother are reprimanding Peter for staying with her BECAUSE of her particular beliefs is astounding. Hearing them encourage him to be with another woman because he can’t have sex with this one is utterly unbelievable, in my opinion. 

Why isn’t anyone talking about this? I mean, what does this say about our society and the expectations it has for us women?

Why is it that when a previous bachelor declared his virginity until he found “the one,” he was praised? They even made the entire season revolve around that. But when a Christian woman of God, with unwavering faith, does the same thing, she is criticized and made to feel like her feelings are outrageous. 

I’ve heard over and over how the women and even his family can’t believe that she would give him this “ultimatum.”

While watching this episode, I am left with sadness. Sadness for Maddy as her heart was broken by this man all because she wanted more for herself. Sadness that Peter’s family encourages him to dump her that even though he is clearly telling them how much he loves this woman and how he could see beyond this. Lastly, sadness for us. The sorrow that we, as a society, find these pressures on women to be so wholly acceptable.


Anyone else watch the Bachelor? What are your thoughts on this?