What Your Teacher Wants You to do this Summer


Summer is HERE, and your kids’ teachers have already TAGGED you and given you back your kids during the weekdays. Here are FIVE THINGS they want you to do with them this summer to help avoid the summer slide.

Teach your kid to cook.

Yes, teachers really care about this. This will show your child the importance of reading the directions, READING, math, creating something out of nothing, and being independent and confident. There is a lot bundled into this one. Bonus: great time with your kiddo while doing a specific task!


Go on a Field Trip.

Pack a picnic lunch and drive to Carlsbad Caverns for the day. Go to a morning matinee. Find a local museum (Silent Wings Museum, Buddy Holly Center, Lubbock Lake Landmark). Run a race together (West Texas Running Club has monthly races, and the shorter distance is kid-appropriate). The takeaway from this: get your kid out of the house and asking questions. 


Give your kid a JOB.

This is age-specific, but if you have little kids, their job is to feed the dog, puff up the sofa cushions, fold the towels, and set the table. Older kids can teach younger siblings easy math facts, problem-solving, counting with coins, or tidying their rooms. (Why does your teacher care about this??? It creates a good citizen in the classroom who is responsible and conscientious)


Go outside.

Get your kids outside. Fresh air. Unscheduled afternoons. Walks in the park, picnics, camp in the backyard, plant flowers or seeds, walk the dog, go to the dog shelter and walk one of their dogs (if you don’t have one of your own). Kids need to have some unscheduled time to play and explore.  



Read to your kids. Have them read to you. Go to the library and let them choose their own books. Find an author or a series that your kid likes, and let them choose a few at a time. Have your kid listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and siblings reading. These will ALL help your kid stay in their best reading shape. 


Summer days are long and hot. Being intentional and purposeful with your kid will pay off for both of you.