Zane Timmons Avenue: Part 2


Have you ever driven down a street, looked at the name of the street sign, and wondered where the name came from? I know I have, especially if it was a person’s name. Why were they so special that their name is displayed on a green sign with white letters.

Thirty-three miles west of Lubbock is a town, give or take, of 13k people, especially when college is in session. Levelland is home to South Plains College, a small community college known for recruiting basketball players and track athletes worldwide. As you enter the campus, passing the visitors center, you will come upon one of those green and white street signs with a name.

Zane Timmons Ave. Who was/is he? Why does he have his name on a sign? Let me tell you… he was remarkable and impacted everyone he met, and even some he didn’t meet. Zane was my 16-year-old son who died by suicide almost three years ago.

In February, my brother-in-law and sister won an auction item at the South Plains College Scholarship Gala. This item was the street sign. They had the choice of ANY name for one year. They chose Zane. Because of the COVID-19, plans for the sign were put on hold. Soon we were informed of a date for the sign to be displayed.

May so happens to be Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. Ironically, this is the month when the sign was ready. I have a strange feeling Zane had something to do with it. We call this a ‘Zane Thing.’ May 28th, we all gathered at SPC to unveil something that would make us all tear up. As we were pulling the bag off, it was stubborn, again, a Zane Thing. Then, there it was.

Zane Timmons Ave.

“Second star to the right, and straight on till the morning.” ~Peter Pan (aka Zane)

Please, if you are in any way having suicidal thoughts, call someone or the AFSP hotline.
1-800-273-8255 or
Text NAMI to 741741