I’m Not Fearful, But I’m Diligent


No matter where you stand on this national situation, can we all agree to be kind and keep our minds and hearts open to truth and reason? That’s where I stand anyway and really having to capture my thoughts and remind myself to keep that attitude every day. Although I myself tend to lean toward the “this is all being blown way out of proportion,” side of things, I heard some words recently that enlightened my heart and reminded me that no matter if there truly is a “pandemic” or “this is just a new virus that is about as harmless as a common cold but because it’s new people are freaking out” kind of situation, we all need to recognize one thing, this is real. People are concerned. People have died. Countries are on lockdown. And as in most everyday circumstances, perception is king. But in my opinion, fear is the most contagious agent in this outbreak. So let’s talk, shall we? 

First, you must know, I am NOT a medical doctor, and the content in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your family physician or other health care provider.

What if I told you there are ways you can build your immune system up even in the wake of our national state? And what if there were ways you could make your own hygiene products without leaving your home and without worry about national shortages?

Ok, so a little about me before I start posting links and info about how to do the above; I’m a bit of a health nut and actually enjoy learning about the body and how things work and how things we put in and, on, our bodies actually affect our lives. I read medical journals and listen to seminars for fun. Yeah, I’m kind of a nerd like that. Many of my friends and family call me “hippie,” that’s fine. I’ve embraced it. I started on a torturous journey to figuring out what was wrong with me about fourteen years ago. I tried all the things, and in a hopeless attempt to find some relief, I was throwing darts in the dark and relented to try natural health! 


And who would have thunk it? All of a sudden, the lights were turned on, and I hit the bullseye! I’ve overcome things people said I never would. But hear my heart, I’m not anti-modern medicine. I AM an anti- “herd” mentality. I AM an anti- “next” mentality and “one-size fits all” ways of thinking. I might be passionate about educating yourself before you decide what to do (both natural and modern techniques). I might be the crazy oil lady that loves helping others with what I have learned and what has helped me, but I’m not the “anti all modern medicine, and we need to go back to life circa 640 B.C.” kind of crazy. 

For some reason, our culture tends to swing in dramatic directions. There is a middle ground, people! Just because I love me some essential oils doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take a medicine prescribed by a doctor if needed it. In fact, I do just that. Every. Day. Cause I’d be the crazy “basket case with diabetes lady” if I didn’t. And just because someone is a nurse and works at a hospital, immersed in modern medicine daily, doesn’t mean they can’t love them some E.O.s (essential oils)!

I’m pro-informed decision making. And I’m pro-parental rights in being able to make those educated decisions without the government’s two cents or forced hand. I’m also pro-prayer and building up the Body of Christ. I believe in the Kingdom of God and that we can get lost in the battles of this earth “fighting the good fight” and forget that the battle has already been won. We can put down our swords and weapons and just stand firm in our position of faith, and no harm will come to us.

I mentioned earlier that I believe FEAR is the most contagious agent in this spreading virus, and I read something recently that really resonated with that thought:

“This reminds me of the scriptures where it speaks about how God told the Israelites, through Moses, only to gather enough for the day and not to save for the next day. They didn’t listen, and they gathered selfishly, thinking they had to make sure they get theirs and saved it for the next day. When they did that, their food rotted! What God wanted them to learn was to trust him, to believe that if he said he would provide, he will!

They showed their lack of faith and trust in God and how they thought they could provide better for themselves.

Lord help us during these troubled times, bring order to our society, and don’t let fear and selfishness be so widespread.”

           (Facebook Post, Unknown Author)

I’m not fearful, but I’m diligent.

So now that you know a little more about me and why I want to share this info with you, here’s some info about germs and things you can do to build your immune system and make your own products to help keep things clean:

Daily your body deals with 380 TRILLION viruses. One of these is the J.C. virus, and it’s very likely it’s residing in your brain as you read this. It’s dormant if you have the “Passover Protocol” in place. If it is immune-compromised, the virus can start to multiply and cause Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy. The immune system cytokine response to the virus turns your brain to oatmeal, essentially. The condition is untreatable and irreversible. The question that plagues us is why most people never know they have corona or flu viruses, and others die? The difference is whether or not you are protected. These mechanisms are more compromised in the very young, the elderly, diabetics, people taking immune-suppressing drugs (rheumatoid arthritis, M.S., etc.) and people with immune compromising conditions. You need to worry about J.C., Corona, and other viruses as much as you need to worry about car thieves. They’re both always a potential danger (viruses and car thieves that is). However, both are what we call “opportunistic.” Car thieves go car to car looking for unlocked doors or keys in the ignition. This is the cause of 85% of car thefts/burglaries. Same with viruses. They are looking for cells not protected by cytokeratins, the protein deadbolts that keep viruses from entering cells. (Roby Mitchell, M.D.)

  1. Follow Dr. Fitt’s Passover Protocol 

If you’re in the boat we are in at our home with a low TP stock and none to be found online or in stores, well, I can’t really help you with a home remedy (although I’ve seen a few pretty funny ideas on the world wide web… let’s just say one involved the thought that mismatched socks now have a purpose).  But there are many other DIYs that you can do from home and if you don’t have all the supplies, you should be able to order online (and I suggest trying to get from a local business or local friend that sells these products, if possible before you go to Amazon or Walmart).

  1. DIY Hand Sanitizer – Recipe by Wellness Mama, Katie Wells

It’s super simple, aloe vera gel and anti-viral, anti-bacteria essential oil

I prefer Thieves by Young Living, check for a local sells consultant near you. There are other brands too, but Thieves is a blend YL does, I’m not sure what the other brands labels for this type of blend.  My personal fav is YL.

  1. DIY Hand Foaming Soap – Recipe by Katie Wells

I haven’t tried this one yet, but am super excited to have one I can make when I run out of what I have.

  1. DIY Disinfectant Wipes Recipe
  • 2-4 Capfuls Thieves Household Cleaner  (This is a product from Young Living) OR use other household cleaners, but I would recommend using one that is non-toxic and uses natural ingredients OR skip to the water step.
  • 5-7 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
    • Did you know that many cleaning products actually use essential oils?  That “lemon scent” or “orange scent” you buy, yeah, the over powering scent is probably artificial, but the cleaning power comes from essential oils.  You’ve been an oily person this whole time and didn’t even know it.  Why not stop paying for the added junk and use something that works better, is safer for your family, and is cheaper long term.
  • 2 Cups Water OR if you skip the household cleaner and do 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water
  • 1/2 Paper Towel Roll
    • (easiest to cut with electric knife, “shop” paper towels are more durable, but can use regular ones too)
  • Small Container with Lid
    • (think old Folgers coffee can, or lg. glass jar with screw lid)

Instructions: Mix all ingredients together and pour slowly over 1/2 of a roll of paper towels. Pull cardboard center out of the middle and pull out wipes as needed.


The greatest thing about all these DIYs, they actually help build your immune system because they are full of healthy ingredients that work with your body’s biome and not against it. They’re also easy to make, and with all this downtime, they can be fun and safe projects to do with your kids, because they are kid-safe ingredients too! Then you can hand the container of wipes to them, stress free of the wipes being harmful, and have them clean the whole house while you, Momma Llama, relax with a warm beverage and bask in your #momwin!

I’m not fearful, but I’m diligent.

One last tip, and I think it is the thing that will do us ALL the most good. Never stop seeking the truth. 

A man I admire and respect greatly gave me a pro-tip that has helped me stay in the Word of God daily, and doing this has really helped keep my feet on solid ground. I read The Daily Walk Bible; it’s a 10-20 min read a day, and it’s greatly put things in perspective for me. I’ve learned more about God and things I thought I already knew, but actually had no clue (like did you know that there were actually SEVEN SETS of some of the animals on the ark, not just two of each kind! My mind was blown when I read that)

Another pro-tip from a dear friend and mentor is to read a Proverb every day (there are 31, so you just read the chapter of the day of the month, if today is the 2nd you read the second chapter, etc.) and a Psalm every day (add 30 after you’ve read through the first 30 chapters, so if today is the 13th then start with the 13th chapter. Next month on the 13th read the 43rd chapter, later the next month the 73rd, etc.).

Stay Safe. Don’t Fear. Remain Diligent.

Be Kind. Be True. Be Uniquely You.