Lubbock Moms Brings Community for Local Moms


Lubbock, Texas: A self-declared, “born-again” Lubbockite, Chelsea Anders is not only back to stay, she’s here to encourage families that Lubbock is the best place to raise a family. Anders has launched Lubbock Moms Blog for local families to connect and encourage one another. This robust resource for local moms is part of a nation-wide network of mother-owned sites, City Moms Blog Network, whose aim is to provide inspiration, information on local parenting resources, and host events where moms can connect face-to-face.

“I started Lubbock Moms Blog to create a community and resource missing in this part of Texas,” said Chelsea Anders, Lubbock Moms Blog Founder & Owner. “As moms, we all have unique stories to tell and I wanted to create a platform to do that.”

Lubbock Moms Blog
Chelsea Anders

Lubbock Moms Blog readers will enjoy local resource guides, business spotlights, product reviews, stories from other moms, giveaways and much more. To provide opportunity for in-person relationships, Lubbock Moms Blog will host a number of events to connect local moms including: mom’s night outs, family playdates, and holiday celebrations.

Lubbock Moms Blog joins more than 90 parenting resource websites across the country, through City Moms Blog Network. The impressive network crosses the globe and represents hundreds of moms as owners, thousands as contributors and millions as readers. Being a part of this sisterhood of like-minded mom-preneurs, Anders has the power of experience at her fingertips.

“I want Lubbock Moms Blog to hold space for any parent that needs a place to go when they are exhausted, overjoyed, fearful, proud, unsure, or in need of a laugh,” said Anders. “Lubbock Moms Blog will be the one site the whole community can trust for reliable and relevant information on parenting and life topics.”

Lubbock Moms Blog readers can look forward to authentic and trustworthy content about their community and how to successfully raise kids there. Upcoming blog topics include: “What I love about Lubbock,” “What having it all means,” and “Getting the most out of Lubbock with kids.”

The mission of the Lubbock Moms Blog is to create a local community for moms to share life experiences and provide a forum to encourage and educate each other through relevant and timely information and broad perspectives. We are here to grow, learn, and support each other through our unique motherhood journeys. Together, we will make LMB the premier parenting resource across the South Plains.