We’re in for ALL GOOD Diapers

This is a sponsored post brought to you by our partner All Good Diapers but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

There are two things that are most important to the LMB family right now… making it through this difficult time in one piece (having learned all the lessons), and giving back to our local and global community.

We have supported our local economy by purchasing products and services from our hometown businesses; we have started projects that will sustain us at home (hello, garden!); we have taught school, and reached out to our classmates in need; we have switched to eco-friendly products (no paper towels, no problem!); and we have clung tightly to organizations that are giving back. Some of these changes have gone much better than others, but one that stands out is our love of All Good Diapers.

Two kids in diapers – no thank you to potty training during a pandemic – and little time to mess around means I need a product that I can count on. All Good Diapers provide around-the-clock leakage protection which means even the Incredible Hulk, I mean Batman, I mean Jake can’t defeat these. My fair and sensitive-skinned Princess Olivia appreciates the hypoallergenic and breathable fabric even when motoring around in her hot pink wheelchair. I can’t tell you how many days we’re going pants-free in this household, so the wetness line indicator is a quick and easy way to know when I need to chase (and most likely wrestle) someone down for a change… and of course, with the bold prints and patterns, why do the LMB kids need pants anyway?!

But, here comes the absolute best part of why we choose All Good Diapers…

Every time I buy a box from All Good, a day’s worth of diapers is donated to a family in need through the organization Feeding America. Did you know that Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the US and provides services to 40 million people each year? Through this extensive network, All Good is able to deliver diapers across the country using local food banks which means that today, maybe even tomorrow, a mom or dad doesn’t have to worry about food on the table AND finding supplies for their little ones. During a time when parents are losing jobs or businesses and worried about their family’s futures, this is something we can certainly do together. Picking companies to spend your valuable resources on right now is the best way we can support parents and children all across the nation, all while making a great choice for our own kids!

You can be certain that your part in what makes a difference right now can be ALL GOOD. These diapers are a win-win – with each purchase, parents know they are getting the diapers they want for their baby, while also helping other babies get access to the diapers they need!

To find out more about All Good Diapers, be sure to visit their website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. And, if you’re doing an online grocery order or safely visiting your local Walmart, be sure to pick up a few boxes! Learn more about Feeding America and the work they do on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.