Cheap Day Dates


When I first met my husband, he had this silly theory that “day dates are the fastest way to friends.” Meaning, if you only took a girl on lunch dates, she would friend-zone you quickly. OK buddy, maybe they didn’t like you?? There is probably zero scientific evidence on this, but I remember him joking about it often.

Well, I have news for everyone.

It’s 2020, we’re both working adults, and we have a toddler at home.

All we have left are day dates. I don’t think I could friend-zone him at this point even if I wanted to.

To steal a little “us” time, we have lunch together almost every day of the week. We’re lucky that our lunch schedules are a bit more flexible, so we make it work, and it’s so lovely to take an hour to catch up without having to worry about our little (or pay a babysitter). 

I know what you’re thinking, eating out can get so expensive! You’re right! Sometimes we eat at home, and other times I see where the good deals are! I’ll get to those in just a second.

I highly recommend having a few day dates! Do you both have an extra 45mins on Thursdays? Schedule a day date! 

Pick up a few sandwiches and eat in the parking lot if you must. Just hang with your spouse. 

I’m always on the lookout for great deals. Recently on the radio, I heard I could get a coupon for a buy-one, get-one-free deal at a local restaurant. I took full advantage of that deal and printed off my coupon.

Another way to cut costs is to drink water. It’s probably the only water I drink all day (yikes), and I know I’m not the only one. Typically, restaurants charge $2.50/drink. That’s an extra $5 added to your lunch tab.

Here are a few of our favorite CHEAP lunch options:


Taco Villa – $1.25 Bean Burritos


Double Dave’s – $1.00 Pizza Rolls


Chinese Kitchen – $3.99 for the main entrée, fried rice, and an egg roll


United/Market Street – $5 Sushi


Everyday Specials

United/Market Street – $3.99 for two large slices of pizza and a medium drink

Sam’s Club – $2.50 for a large slice of pizza and a large drink or $1.99 Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Costco – $1.50 Hot Dog and a drink

Wendy’s – $4.00 – Choice of sandwich, nuggets, fries, and a drink


What are your favorite cheap lunch spots?