Favor Delivery: A Busy Mom’s Helping Hand

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Wake up late again. Rush to pack lunches, brush teeth, and get out the door to school. Make it to my first meeting only two minutes late and flustered. Spend the rest of the day catching up, only to realize that I never even turned the Crockpot on.

Great. Now, what’s for dinner?

This is literally a depiction of my days as a mom.

Remember that whole two-hour scene in One Fine Day where single mom Michelle Pfieffer sprints from one thing to another in a frenzy? Have you ever had a day like that? Is your whole life like that sometimes? I know mine sure is! I can’t always throw some Lucky Charms at these children, so I use Favor! I simply place my order, empty backpacks, get everyone in their jammies, and wait for hot and ready dinner to show up on my doorstep.

Not only did dinner arrive in less than an hour (or, you know, however long it took me to convince two children to finally take off those “first day of school” hats), it was dropped off by someone friendly, who instantly recognized that look in my eyes (relief combined with “please help me!”), and made me laugh by saying, “Hey, girl, I’ve been there.” I didn’t have to listen to any arguing about who would sit in what chair at the restaurant, and I certainly didn’t have to do the mad dash home before someone fell asleep in their car seat.

Now that is turning the night around!

Do you know what else I’m doing with Favor Delivery? Having my favorite K-Cups of all time delivered to my doorstep. If you’ve been following Lubbock Moms for any time, you know that Mrs. Lubbock Moms is obsessed with H-E-B’s San Antonio blend coffee. I include everything I love from H-E-B in these deliveries and, from time to time, throw in some of my favorite wine and beer (the selection is endless, and you can get local favorites, too!). H-E-B is Favor’s parent company, and I can’t get enough of that Texas-born and bred feel from both of them.

Just to let you know, here are all the great things I’ve had delivered in the last few months:

  • Rosa’s queso and tortillas when I needed a cheesy pick-me-up after a bad day at work.
  • The best japchae in town from Seoul House.
  • “The Big One” from Capital Pizza for a surprise girls’ night on a Tuesday!
  • Texas Toothpicks from Caprock Cafe when I burned my assigned appetizer for game night.

You can even use the exclusive code LBKMOMS to receive a $20 credit on your next order through the app as a special treat. I recommend using it for a fun date night in after the kids have gone to bed or even having some soup brought to the house when you catch the back-to-school crud that will inevitably slow you down soon.

Tell us, mamas, how would you use Favor to make this super busy back-to-school season easier?

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