Meet Jennifer Williams!


My name is Jennifer Williams. I have lived in Lubbock for 6 years. I am a nurse practitioner here in town. My husband, Lee Williams, was born and raised in Lubbock. I am originally from College Station, Texas. After finishing college and graduate school, I moved to The Woodlands, Texas (north Houston). Lee was living in Friendswood, Texas (south Houston).  After meeting and dating, we both moved to the heart of Houston. We got married and one month later, my husband took a job as CFO for a credit union here, so we loaded up our one bedroom apartment and moved to Lubbock. Since then, we have had two children, Penn and Tucker. We have remodeled a house. We have been a part of starting a business. We have joined a wonderful church. We have been busy laying roots here, and making some wonderful friends while doing it.

While my family is very happy living in Lubbock, there is one thing I would change. Unfortunately, it is something that may never change (but it might improve) –  it is located so far away from everywhere else in Texas! When living in Houston, a three-hour drive was considered far for me and reserved for a long weekend. Now, a five-hour drive is just what you have to do to go anywhere. One good thing has come from this: my children are pretty good on long road trips. My three year old took his first seven-hour drive to my parents’ house when he was six weeks old. So he knows, if we are going to Mimi and Grandpa’s, that is just what we have to do.   On the flip side, I really enjoy being able to get anywhere in town in fifteen minutes. This, of course, is absolutely impossible in Houston!

Now, moving on to what I like about Lubbock. When we moved here, someone told me there is nothing to look at so we have to be nice to each other. I think this is so true. The people here are so kind. A small town attitude still exists here in Lubbock. People are considerate to each other and willing to lend a helping hand. They support the people of the town in charitable efforts and business. It is really refreshing to see people who still want to be a part of and support a thriving community.