Jennifer Williams

I'm a mom of 2, wife and Lubbock resident.

Something to Call Our Own

I am not a trainer nor do I really know much about exercise. I simply do it for my own well being. I started exercising in college after gaining the freshman, sophomore, and junior...

When Breast is Not Best

This may end up being a very unpopular post, but I'm going to go for it. I am not a lover of breastfeeding. I actually can't stand the push and pressure that is forced...

Putting it on the Back Burner

Two months ago, I decided to leave my job. My husband and I decided we were at a point that I could stay at home if I wanted to. I took some time to...

Amazon Finds!

We are all using Amazon for our paper goods and various soaps, right? Well, recently I have discovered clothes on Amazon. I’m talking affordable, easy clothes. Clothes and shoes with, of course, two-day prime...

For Your Joyless Clothes

So you have officially “Marie Kondo’d” your closet. Now what? You have all these clothes that gots-to-go and what to do with them? Well, let me back up, if you haven't watched "Tidying Up"...

Letting Go of Perfect

I recently visited a friend who just had her first baby. While I was holding her little one, she was telling me how much harder being a mom was than she expected. She said...

Meet Jennifer Williams!

My name is Jennifer Williams. I have lived in Lubbock for 6 years. I am a nurse practitioner here in town. My husband, Lee Williams, was born and raised in Lubbock. I am originally...

Traveling with Children

Traveling with children is frightening. I have done it quite a bit for the last 4 years with my kids and I have found a few things that have made it less daunting.   Tip Number...