2019: What LMB Means To Me


Lubbock Moms Blog is a community for parents, built by parents. Throughout our first year, we have had 25 writers join our team as regular contributors (and 6 dads make guest appearances!) and 13 members join as event specialists. These women (and some dads, too!) have dedicated much time, effort, and love to bring Lubbock a resource that supports parents in our home town. Here are some direct quotes from these amazing people about what LMB means to them.

Being a part of the LMB has truly changed my life! I have gotten to meet so many other mamas and have found a safe space where I can express myself and what I am going through! I have also made some of the best friends through our book club and truly found my “tribe!” I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us!” Stephanie Turner

So I am a big introvert/hermit and I told myself that I was going to get out of my comfort zone somehow. The next day Chelsea posted the LMB open call. So I went for it! LMB has really gone beyond my expectations and I really have had so much fun with these ladies. I know that with Chelsea at the helm all possibilities are open and I am totally in for the ride.” Linda Dunn

I love being able to get my thoughts and ideas out to the world, or just Lubbock! It’s nice feeling validated as a new mama and that you’re doing a good job. LMB helps me see we’re all in this together, we have mom wins, and mom fails but we’re trying our best.” Kori Farley Reinmund

I love to help mommas, provide resources, and celebrate each other! LMB is a safe space that’s accomplished it all!” Alana Hayes

I love having a space that brings our mom community and our Lubbock community together! We’re so much more than just a “mom blog” – we are a community, a catalyst for change, and an influencer.” Kathy Wilke Oaks

When I think of LMB, the two words that immediately come to mind are “inclusion” and “connection.” LMB creates community by being inclusive of all – all life stages, all perspectives – and connects moms (and dads) to each other, to resources of value, to opportunities for personal growth, to an empathetic audience, to great advice, to cheerleaders…strengthening longstanding relationships and building fantastic new ones. LMB says to me, “We are all in this together, we’ve all been there, we support you, we admire you, we lift you up, we celebrate you.” How cool is that?” Zoe Metcalf

Even if all you ever do is read the blog and Facebook posts, LMB makes me feel like I’m not alone on those really hard days. It’s brought me into contact with other local moms that I probably would never have the privilege of knowing otherwise.” Rebecca Beams


If you ask me what LMB means to me, it’s hard to say. It has been a means of regaining my “self” in what I thought I lost by becoming a mom. It’s a way to build the community I desperately need on a daily basis to feel confident in my mothering abilities. It’s a way to meet people and make friendships. It’s a way to change the way we do things and bring education to young moms, tired moms, busy moms, all moms. But mostly, it was always a way to create the world I want my kids to live in now and in the future.  – Chelsea

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Chelsea is the owner and founder of Lubbock Moms. She is married to Jason and mom to Olivia and Jake. Chelsea is a sometimes-fun mom and really enjoys productivity, achievement, and crossing things off her to-do list (Enneagram 3, much?!). Her family enjoys cuddling, canceled plans, and YouTube Kids. She's involved in the Lubbock community through the Junior League, Chamber of Commerce, and alllllll the committees. Favorite Lubbock Restaurant: Giorgio's Pizza Favorite Lubbock Landmark: The Terra Estates North Neighborhood Favorite Lubbock Tradition: The incredible sunsets