Lubbock Moms Blog: Top Posts of 2019



2019 is the year Lubbock Moms Blog launched into the stratosphere: incredible growth, an outpouring of love and support, a community that parents needed, and partnerships with great local folks that believe in our mission. But, it all started with a blog. It all started with sharing our hearts as moms and giving a voice to this experience that is motherhood.

Take a stroll down memory lane with us and read our top 5 posts of the year.


Number 5: To know me is to know I have three daughters by Jena Massie

Number 4: A Day at the Ballpark by Marisa Carrasco

Number 3: To The Woman Who Just Wants To Be A Mama

Number 2: Finding Peace by Jena Massie

Number 1: A Thank You Letter To My Husband For Being Such An Amazing Dad


Thank you to our readers, our Lubbock home, and the entire network of moms that make this world go ’round. We can’t wait to bring you a 2020 and year two that is even bigger and better!