Date Your Friends



For the last few years, we have been inundated with tips on how to “Date Your Spouse.” That’s great, and all, but Momma needs time with other Mommas. 

There is just something special about spending judgment-free time talking and laughing about things that go along with motherhood.

No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in, it is easy to find your people. One thing I have been grateful for is the Lubbock Moms Night Out monthly events.

Initially, I was reluctant to go because of mom guilt and not wanting to ask someone to watch my kids so that I could get a couple of hours out with friends and strangers on a Thursday night. I avoided and backed out on going to these events multiple times before finally realizing I needed this time. My KIDS need me to have this time. I deserve this time!

That’s it – I’m going to do it!! 

I purchased my ticket, put it in my calendar on my phone, and got on Amazon searching for a Derby Hat. 

Enter “Mom-Guilt Excuses” – you know? All the things you need to do that, in reality, could be done another day or by someone else are now excuses as to why you can’t go – laundry, runny nose kid, messy house, etc. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we believe we are undeserving of time away from our kids and out with our friends? 

I can’t even begin to explain how rejuvenated I felt after leaving this event – a room full of laughter, food I didn’t have to cook, and adult beverages in real drinkware… look out, world, Momma’s got her fancy pants on!

Going to that one event led to me going to every event and even having some Mom Dates in between. The “Mom Dates” are what is essential here – the one-on-one or two, or three, time with another mom who gets you. She understands where you are either because she’s been there are she is right there in the storm with you. During this time, you can express your frustrations, not talk about your kids (if you don’t want to), and be a woman out with her friend.

Remember, you were someone before you had those precious babies, and you will be someone after – and SHE needs for you not to forget who she is.

Does this sound like something YOU need, too? Join us in October for the next Lubbock Moms Night out at the Cotton Court Hotel.

Get your tickets here.