Diary of a Quarantined Mom


Due to our world’s current situation, emotions and feelings have run hot and cold. I am enjoying this little reprieve from our usual busy schedule, but between three kids, homeschool, therapy at home, cooking daily, and whatever else you want to add, my moods have been all over the place. I’m not talking daily. I’m talking HOURLY. I’m sure many moms out there can agree that this unique situation has caused a lot of laughs and probably a lot of tears. I journaled my feelings by the hour, and reading them back a few days later had me shaking my head and laughing way too much.  

7:00 am Devotional, Coffee, & Prayer

Thoughts- This devotional is so on the mark. Everything IS happening for a reason. I’m going to use this extra time for the good. I’m going to be patient with the kids and my husband. AND I am going to work out and complete everything on my To-Do list.

8:00 am Looks at To-Do List

Thoughts- Did I not finish all of those things yesterday? Huh. Well, I guess I will do double today. I’ve got the energy and motivation.

8:15 am Completes one task on the list and picks up the phone to check social media.

Forty-five minutes later . . .

Thoughts- It’s almost 9?! Why did I have to get on Instagram? I could have accomplished so much already.

9:00 am time to wake up ten years old as sweetly as possible to tell him to eat breakfast and get started on schoolwork.

9:30 am REMINDS 10 year old to get up, eat breakfast, and do schoolwork

Thoughts- You are going to exude patience, remember. Patience, Patience, PATIENCE!

10:00 am Finds 10-year-old playing video games.

Thoughts- Of course…here we go again with the video game/schoolwork lecture. But, this is a difficult time right now…but…he needs to learn responsibility.

11:00 am School work with two kids, toddler fit, school work with two kids, toddler fit, repeat

Thoughts- This homeschooling is for the birds. I used to teach and can’t even get through these lessons with my kids. My kids are smart. They don’t need this stuff. Nope. They need structure. I CAN DO THIS.

Noon Physical Therapy with my daughter who uses a wheelchair

Thoughts- She did amazing! We are going to practice this several times a day! After I keep my son on task and get the toddler preoccupied…hmmmm

1:00 pm Plumber comes to fix the garbage disposal and lets me know that there is a cooking utensil stuck, so he will have to replace some parts.

Thoughts- CRAP! There go a hundred bucks!

My husband’s remarks- Huh. Wonder how that got there? There go a hundred bucks.

What I hear him say, “it’s all your fault, and now we have to pay a hundred bucks.” Great.

Thoughts- (trying HARD not to say them out loud) Oh yeah?! Why don’t YOU try cooking and cleaning up three meals a day while we are stuck in these four walls! You might lose a utensil or two…or maybe your mind. 

2:00 pm- Husband has a work break, so I reluctantly walk to my treadmill to workout

Thoughts- UGH! I don’t want to do this. Why can’t I just eat tacos, drink margaritas, and stay skinny?! Working out sucks! You need to get healthy for your kids, AND so you can fit in all of those old clothes that are taking up your entire closet. I just won’t eat. Nope. Get on the damn treadmill already.

3:00 pm- Finishes workout

Thoughts- THAT FELT GREAT! I should do that every day! I killed it! I’m going to hit my goal with exercises like that! I am going to get up first thing tomorrow and exercise again! (looking back, I laughed at this one)

4:00 pm- Cleans the house (as much as you can with kids at home)

Thoughts- Oh my goodness, we are pigs! I am so glad people aren’t allowed to come over right now. How can we live like this?! I’m getting rid of everything. We have way too much junk! Oh look, we can use this for a craft tomorrow. (hahaha)

5:00 pm- The toddler has her 100th meltdown of the day

Thoughts- It’s 5:00. Perfectly adequate time to have a cocktail. Nope. You worked out and are doing so well today. Just one, maybe. NOPE! Commit to your health.

6:00 pm- Cook 100,000th meal of quarantine before family game time

Thoughts- I’m so sick of cooking, but I do like that we are all sitting together. This is the part I love about being home. Spending time with the kids, slower pace, game nights, family time. This is what it’s all about.

8:00 pm- Bedtime routine, temper tantrums, screaming, arguing about bedtime, the usual

8:30 pm- Pops the cork on a new bottle of wine

Thoughts- I need this for my sanity! Why did I say I wasn’t going to drink again?

10:00 pm- FINALLY! All the kids are asleep!

11:00 pm- Still up binge-watching a show on Netflix

Thoughts- I need to get to sleep. BUT…this is the only time I get to myself. I NEED this. Man, am I going to regret staying up this late!

11:15 pm- Clicks on the next episode . . .