Gifts Teachers Love


Come here . . .

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 – May 7

With this being my first year as a “post-pandemic teacher” and 12th year as a classroom teacher, it’s time to speak for all of us (teachers) about the upcoming appreciation week: 

Your child’s elementary teacher does NOT want a crayon craft. Your child’s middle school and high school teacher(s) DO want some acknowledgment.

“Give me something I can eat!”

It’s May. We’re tired, frazzled, and wanting all the carbs to make it to the last day. Lubbock Momtrepreneur Holly’s Confections makes marshmallows!! Storytime! My friend was making a run to her favorite grocery store and asked me if I wanted anything. Not a need, but wanted. My response, “oatmeal cream pies,” she died laughing when she asked the brand or if it was in the bakery, and my response was, “Little Debbie.” Holly makes oatmeal cream pies with fresh marshmallows! Get your kid’s teacher(s) an individually packaged oatmeal cream pie from Holly and thank me later.

May 4th = Taco Tuesday 

Teachers love a good pun. May the 4th is Taco Tuesday – T-shirts, mugs, or even a taco plate dinner for the evening or the weekend (they will likely be fed lunch on campus) – so many possibilities! Mijo’s food truck will be in Ropes to feed teachers on the 5th and TwoDocs on Friday with their signature Mijo’s Flour Taco Plate. Yum. Yum!

Men are Teachers Too

I went and asked the men what’s a good teacher appreciation gift for them – beard oil? I can’t grow it long enough to enjoy it. Personalized mug? Hard pass. Flair pens!?! Everyone loves Flair Pens. Quick no from them.

You know what these simple creatures who are molding the minds of the future told me – a gift card for something they don’t have to share. Haha! They got giddy talking about Taco Villa and Braum’s for burgers!

As I was walking away from their conversation about bacon cheeseburgers, shaking my head, a light bulb went off! Men have keys and things they can never find. Personalized keychains or lanyards are great ideas and something that can last forever.

Pro Tip for Personalization: when personalizing for a teacher, use their last name, because more than likely, that’s what everyone knows them by. It isn’t until mid-July that I remember my legal first name.

(Most) Teachers love Dr. Pepper, and if you want a gift that will make a teacher chuckle, this (screen printed) graphic tee from Mukewater Outfitters is a MUST! 

It’s the Thought That Counts

I know that this year has been rough – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, so maybe actually buying something isn’t in the cards, and I get that. If your child is old enough to write a letter – have them write a letter to their teacher. You can write a letter to the teacher too. For a few months of the year, we get to be part of your child’s growth. Let us know if we have made an impact because I can assure you that they have made one for us.

Words of affirmation and encouragement are priceless and cherished forever.