Kid’s Guide to Virtual Communication


Hello, young friends! 

Are you a Face Timer? Do you have Kids Messenger? How about your own phone? Wait, do you have one of those old-time phones that plug into a wall at your house? Guess what! If you use any of these forms of communication with your friends, you are one lucky kid! Did you know that your parents may not have had a way to communicate with friends unless they saw them at school or the store or the post office? I bet some of your parents even had pen pals and it would take WEEKS to hear from someone!

I believe that communicating and staying in contact with your friends is very important. I want help you have the best experience and keep those friendships going!



If you use any form of communication where others can see you, make sure you have a top and bottom on. 



This can be very damaging to a friend. Sometimes it may seem funny to take a screenshot and then send it to others but in fact, it can be embarrassing for the friend in the picture. 



Not all friends have their own devices. Some share with a sibling and/or a parent. It is very important that you are respectful. If you place a call and no one answers, leave a message if you are able. Do not call over and over. There is a reason a friend cannot talk, and they will call you back as soon as they can! 

It is also important to remember your manners when you are talking with a friend. Have an actual conversation-ask question, tell them about your day, what you ate for lunch or why you miss them! When it is time to hang up, tell your friend you must go and that it was great talking to them. Let them know that you are going to hang up. Just hanging up without warning is rude and can be confusing. 


Here are a few other items that are NOT AN OPTION:

  • Giving out your phone number, other friend’s phone numbers or gaming names
  • Name-calling
  • Telling a friend to “choose between talking to you or someone else”
  • Rude comments about appearance



  • If someone you do not know is reaching out to you. DO NOT accept any requests
  • If someone is using not nice words or being inappropriate
  • If you feel uncomfortable
  • If you may have done something to upset a friend, they can guide you on how to correct it
  • If anyone tells you a funny joke! You better share those!


Remember that the internet is FOREVEEERRRRRRRR. Once it is out there, it is out there. Be ever so careful. If you ever feel uncomfortable about the behavior you are seeing, it is OKAY to remove yourself from the situation.

Treat your friend with respect and love. They, just like you, are just doing the best they can right now.

Above all else, have FUN! Make the time count. Make memories you will be proud of.

You are all great, wonderfully made gems.

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