New year, New Energy


2022 was a year of growth, enrichment, and experience. There were a lot of life lessons learned. For my husband’s sake, he was right (honey, if you’re reading this, I didn’t admit that). Here are some significant factors of 2022 that I will be taking with me through 2023.


Give people the same energy they give you.

This has been my number-one motto for 2022. Life as a people pleaser isn’t an easy one. Newsflash: we are here to create happiness with our people in our own time. I’m thankful for a husband who reminds me that if my happiness depends on the actions of others, I am at the mercy of things I cannot control. 


Stick with the people who are in your corner.

These are the people you can count on two hands, the people who will get you out of jail and are genuinely in the trenches with you. This has been my mom, sister, coworkers, childhood best friend, and anywhere in between. Sometimes they change, but these are the people you want to cling to. The people you would Facetime before, during, or after taking a pregnancy test, the people who cheer you on when you call them for a good day at work, a bad day at work, or just because. They are in your corner for a reason. 


Money will come and go, but time with loved ones won’t

It’s easy to get caught up in a negative work-home life balance. Overtime, working past contract hours, staying in a miserable job, etc. Time with your family is limited. Whether this is dinner together as a family, watching TV at night, or snuggling during Saturday morning cartoons. These moments are worth it. 


If something is making you miserable, change it.

Sometimes you do not know the grass is greener on the other side. This isn’t always the case, but you will never know unless you try. My spirit has been rejuvenated and restored just by taking a change in the scenery through big and small strides. Staying in a job, house, etc., that you’re miserable in is not worth it! Make the change. 


These are BIG things I learned in 2022 that I hope to take forward to 2023. I encourage you to reflect on the lessons that shaped you.