Spread Kindness, Not Hate


How would our hearts ever feel joy if all we ever did was “fit in” rather than actually belong? It is so hard to find a sense of belonging in today’s times. We always compare ourselves to one another. We feel less than because of the car we drive. We feel like we are not wanted because we buy off-brands. There is just so much judgment and hate that it’s hard even to want to try and belong.

What do you see in this picture?

Do you see three people with different political views?

Do you see two college graduates and a college dropout?

Do you see two mamas who decided one child was enough and another mama with multiple kids?

Do you see three people with different beliefs about Covid and the vaccine?

These are not things that you can see in a photo. You can see kindness, friendship, and a sense of belonging. Regardless of the differences listed above, we are friends. We can call on each other when we need an egg or some salt (we literally all live on the same street, so this is a common occurrence, HA!). When one has cooked too much food, she’s happy to share with the others. I can’t count how many times these two have fed my family and me! Also, when I need a corkscrew because it’s just been “one of those days” and mine broke, I don’t have to fret, looking my absolute worst to walk down the middle of the street and have my bottle of wine opened. Kindness is contagious; why don’t we all spread it around more often?

I want to encourage you all to spread a little kindness and cheer. Pay it forward in the drive-thru line, leave a positive note on a shelf at the store for a stranger to read, and leave a bigger tip than normal when your server goes above and beyond.

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Hi! My name is Jaime and I have many titles. I am the wife to my best friend, mom of 3 sweet kids, a sister, an aunt, a friend, Sister in Christ, and a licensed Texas Realtor. I am honored to also be a Lubbock Moms Contributor. I was born and raised in Levelland, TX. I had a bit of a gypsy soul for a few years, but when it came time to start my family I came back home. It has been amazing having family close during this season of our lives. I've lived a lot of life in my 34 years and have so much that I cannot wait to share with the Lubbock Mom community. I am an open book, almost to a fault, and I usually don't know when to shut my mouth. Give me some good Mexican food and a bottle of wine and we will most certainly become best friends. My favorite part about living in the Lubbock area is the diversity. I have my own beliefs as views (as we all do), but I absolutely love connecting with people of all walks of life. I never meet a stranger and I can't wait to connect with you!